High School is so Gay

April 6, 2010

High school sucks.

Oh, it does. If you enjoyed high school, I’d like to know what you were smoking. It’s difficult to enjoy your youth. Social cliques form lines more oppressive than the Berlin Wall, and no matter how much you want to tell yourself that none of it matters and you will one day leave that place, it still hurts. Even if you’re strong enough to focus and believe that, you would at least like the freedom to be left alone if that’s what you wish, the tolerance to be yourself. High schoolers aren’t known for their acceptance of the weird, but it’s a goal.

So if high school already sucks because of the students inside, why do the adults insist on making it more difficult?

This video is from a few weeks ago, and there had been some… well, disturbing developments.

Basically, Constance’s school held a secret prom and sent her to the “regular” prom… with only her date and some students with learning disabilities. Apparently, they gave her the time and address for the prom for the special kids. Everyone else went to the regular prom and kept that little fact hidden from her… except for the fact that the students posted pictures on Facebook and some let it slip in conversation.

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…Ladies and gentlemen, wake up the kids and take a screenshot. I am speechless.

If you read this site with any frequency, you’ll know how I feel about the freedom to express yourself, to be who you want and make the choices that affect you without having to worry that others will come after you. Feel free to disagree. If you think Constance should stick to the boy-girl relationships, it would be rude to debate her on the subject and try to convince her otherwise, but that is THE MOST YOU’RE ALLOWED TO DO.

Some weeks ago, I had a conversation with a few people and the subject turned to same-sex marriage. I argued that if a couple wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and this union did not hurt me in any way, there was no rationale to deny it. The response? Basically, I was told that if we let people be gay, soon they’ll be shooting up drugs.

For a few seconds, I thought I’d slipped into a parallel universe and another conversation. It got more, uhm… logical when I was told that gays could be gay and marry… they just couldn’t hold hands or kiss or do anything that told the world they were gay.

I don’t think the closet’s big enough for them, Skippy.

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Let’s ignore for a moment that gay, lesbian, and transgender teens hear gay slurs an average of 26 times a day or that thirty-one percent of gay youth has been injured or threatened at school. These teens are also three times more likely to attempt suicide. Basically, GLTG teens have to deal with all the crap in school and the extra crap just because of who they chose to love.

Maybe you think homosexuality is a sin. Great. I have another one for you. So’s divorce. Think we should ban divorced people from getting married again? Maybe they shouldn’t be able to take care of children. Is there a watch-list for them?

Oh! Even better! Think we should exclude the Sons of Ham for seeing Noah naked? After all, their skins are dark with the sins of their ancestors, right? Hey, I know we have a black president, but rules are rules, right? They’re supposed to be slaves.

I got it! Women should remain subservient, just like Paul said. After all, they can’t think because, you know, they have those pesky ovaries and lack the superior Y chromosome. It’s in the Bible!

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I try to maintain a tone of logic and civility in a lot of these posts, make an argument without resorting to emotion too much, but if I may…

To the parents, students, and administrators of the Itawamba County School District in Fulton, Mississippi:

You are the highest class of cowards I’ve ever heard of. You got beat by a teenage girl who had the truth and basic human decency on her side. You knew what you were doing, and what did you gain by using tactics I can only describe as middle-school-level in absurdity?

“Here (snicker), here’s the address to the party… Shhh! Shut up, you guys!”

You have national attention on you. And, like the kid who passed notes in class, you are now being asked to stand in front of everyone and explain yourselves. So? Let’s have it.

This isn’t the first time you’ve had an issue with someone’s sexuality.

You ran out a mother and her children because her son was transgender and dressed in women’s clothing. He was a student for less than twenty-four hours and you ruined his and his family’s life. Like Constance, he was different. You labeled him a trouble-maker simply because he existed.

Did Juin Baize and Constance McMillen shatter your worldview? Did you think you too had to become gay or dress in “gender inappropriate clothing?” Guess what? If gay marriage becomes legal or even if just Constance and her girlfriend could dance together, if they could spend one night with their peers and just be high schoolers and have that one night to look back on with fondness, it doesn’t mean that YOU have to become gay. A society does not have to be homogenous to be harmonious. My guess is that you’re doing this for religious reasons. It always comes to that, but you hurt the name of the one you worship by resorting to underhanded cruel tricks and manipulation of youth.

She beat you. She’s right. The country knows she’s right. This isn’t the tyranny of the minority coming down and destroying your world. You can still go to church. You can still meet at Grandma’s for Sunday dinner. You can still watch Fox News and rot your brains.

A girl wanted to dance with her sweetheart. That’s it. She wasn’t asking for a marriage license. She just wanted one night to show the world who she was. And you lied and tricked her and were too stupid to not post the pictures on the internet. No matter what excuse you come up with, you’re still bigots with no concept of how it feels to be set aside and hurt like this. Shame on all of you.

Maybe Constance is bigger than this. Maybe she will get over the whole series of events. I hope so. As for the rest of you, I hope that the next time someone different comes along, someone who makes you examine your beliefs, you at least have the balls to a face-to-face debate instead of this childish sneaking around.

May all your Miller Lite be flat and your children inbred.

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  1. I love reading your stuff. And–I appreciate the multi-media. Thoughtful and provoking title. Thanks for the link.

    1. My pleasure! Glad you’re enjoying them. I need these links to spread all over the internet… like gooey nuggets of truth and sarcasm. Like sardonic maple syrup over truth-laced waffles. Dang it! Now I want waffles.

  2. These people are equating GLBT teens with “special” children and therefore are putting them both down, like they’re both subhuman classes of beings. This is disgusting. Sadly, things like this are all tooo common where I live as well… just on a slightly smaller scale.

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