Mister Mo’s “Elite”: When Radicals Think They’re Smart

May 28, 2010

“Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” was an act of protest and an exercise in speech and religious freedom. Threats of violence, calls for the deaths of entire countries, are the political and religious tantrums of zealots who cannot stand to have their beliefs scrutinized, and in that respect, we won.

Which is why, of course, our opponents will now have a counter-protest by exposing Jewish lies regarding the Holocaust.

…Did I miss something or did I participate in the wrong protest?

In case you missed the post a few days ago, here’s the short version.

I and others drew the prophet Mohammed, in violation of a particular interpretation of Islamic law, because we believe that we have no obligation to have someone else’s faith dictate our actions. Your right to religion ends outside yourself. You have no right to coerce or intimidate others to believe what you believe. Others will do things that offend you, but that’s what dialogue and debate is for. If someone does something you don’t like, point it out, explain your position, but that is as far as you are allowed to go.

And now a regular think-tank on Facebook is striking back by exposing the “lies” of the Holocaust in “Everybody Draw Holocaust Day.”

A few things, if I may, for the people involved in this, and I use the term loosely, “protest.”

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1) Jews did not start Draw Mohammed Day.

It was a cartoonist from Seattle. And as far as I know, she’s not Jewish. A newspaper in Pakistan even asked her to draw a cartoon condemning the banning of face veils in France, which she did. Right off the bat, this is the equivalent of a “Yo mama” joke. You have no ammunition to throw at your target, so you’re going after something or someone you feel is easy to hit.

It’s a bit like wanting to speak out against BP for the oil spill by fire-bombing a McDonalds. Your logic is not like our Earth logic.

Of course, it does provide evidence, though not concrete proof, that you believe in the mighty Zionist Conspiracy. Good luck with that.

2) The Holocaust happened.

Unless, somehow, the entire world lost six million Jews and we just can’t find them.

I lost my keys once, and that was embarrassing enough, but six million Jews? That’s downright humiliating.

Crematoria of Majdanek III by ~KasperArts on deviantART

3) No one says you can’t show the Holocaust.

Art, film, books, even comic book movies have shown the Holocaust. There’s nothing taboo about this! In fact, Jews have led the fight to educate people about the Holocaust and helped found a United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. I’ve been there. It’s utterly heart-wrenching to see the bodies piled up like that, but no one is trying to hide it. Showing these images is not going to offend anyone unless you take joy in the slaughter of millions of Jews.


4) …You missed the point.

One of the big critiques of Draw Mohammed Day was that images of the Prophet were insulting to Islam. Ergo, you believe, perpetuating Holocaust denial claims, which are insulting to Jews, historians, and anyone with an ounce of decency and common sense, is a productive counter-protest.

You are, after all, exercising your right to free speech. You want to draw pictures that demonize Jews, Israel, and one of the most vicious crimes in world history? You want to spread images that show Jews are the secret force behind the New World Order? You want to go out of your way to offend people ONLY to offend them?

Guess what? I want you to do this.

Voltaire Poster by ~triplex1121 on deviantART

5) Please, go ahead with this. It only helps my side.

That’s right. As much as I despise Holocaust deniers and as much as I think you’re missing your frontal lobes for not understanding the rationale behind the drawings, I want you to go ahead and do this. Not only will you show yourselves for the bigoted, irrational, fanatics that you are, not only will you show the world that you are willing to lie and distort history for your own benefit, but you will simply give my side more to work with. We already know that people who condemn free speech have no place in free society, but now we’ll also learn about your anti-Semitism and paranoia.

I won’t make threats against you. I will not say you cannot draw these images, but I will, and you can bet there will be others, come to the defense of truth and history and will destroy whatever warped logic you use to make your point.

And that’s the beauty of this system. By having a political tantrum aimed at the wrong group and with the wrong tactics, you’ve given up any legitimacy to your argument that Islam is a religion of peace.

At least, YOUR Islam isn’t.

ThickHeads, This One’s For You by ~RomanceSoldier on deviantART

Out of the billion and a half Muslims in the world, there is a percentage that believes in peace, in co-existence, in living by the commands of the Qur’an that state that violence is a sin. A religion of peace? Maybe, but trust me when I say that acts like “Draw Holocaust Day” do more harm to your cause than ANY cartoon ever could.

I did what I did to show I can. You’re doing what you’re doing to spread misinformation and hate to show that you stand with truth and peace.

Congratulations. You’ve managed to dick yourself.

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