Divine by Zero: Kardashian Robs the Cradle, Beck Can’t Write, and a Message from Heaven

June 15, 2010

After three solid days of RPGs, I’m kind of glad Monday came around. I ran one game, played a warforged fighter, and got to blast some TIE fighters in the Star Wars games. My geek quota has been met.

To the links, ladies and gentlemen!

  • I know I’ve defended Lady Gaga as an artist before… but that’s because she was attacked for doing what she does best: put on a show. And yet I feel like that’s all she does. Here’s a better look at how I see her:

  • Justin Beiber fans are crazy. I mean… insane in ways that usually involve a call to the cops and a restraining order. However, photos of Beiber with Kim Kardashian show the lovable he’s-safe-and-sounds-like-a-girl singer apparently getting cozy with Kardashian, a woman famous for getting nailed on tape. Needless to say, Beiber’s fans are NOT happy about this turn of events. Mostly, I think, because the female fans hoped THEY would be the ones skipping through the beach with Beiber. I wonder how they’ll react when Robert Patterson gets married…
  • Ever wanted a lightsaber? Well, here’s the next best thing: the Spyder III. It’s a portable laser so powerful you can permanently blind someone or burn their flesh. Anyone want to buy one and try it out instead of mace on the next mugger they find?
  • Glenn Beck wrote a book and he can’t even get the jacket synopsis right. This scres me because I intend to check the book from the library and read it just to see if it really does make Twilight look like Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  • If you come down to Texas, remember to only shoot buffalo from the first story of a hotel. The second story is a legal no-no. And if you go to any of the other states, he’re a handy list to some very weird state laws.
  • Blogger Carla Ziebler-Smith passed away in March, but at the funeral, she arranged for a video to play… a video of her speaking to everyone from heaven. Needless to say, I’m sorry I didn’t get to read her blog while she was still alive. Watching this video’s so weird seeing as how no one even knew it existed until the day of the funeral… It’s funny, touching, and a wonderful good-bye. Enjoy.

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