Divine by Zero: Halloween Madness and The Future is Broken

It’s Divine by Zero time! I’ve got some time this week before I start working in the afternoon again, so let’s get the party started with some good ol’ links. If you’re on the site between October 25 and Halloween 2010, I hope you like the site’s, uhm, costume. It’s subtle, but I couldn’t think of anything else.

Also, on a personal note, I’d like to thank everyone who extended support and advice in the last month. Suffice to say, I was lied to, taken advantage of, and put into an awkward financial and professional position. But it’s over now. Expect things to not be so down from now on.

And now to the links!

  • Let’s start with a costume idea that took a few months to get ready. No really. This costume you have to GROW into maturity.
  • Artist Alex CF is one of my favorites in the world. He does a lot of things, but what he’s best known for as his intricate models and props. He’s covering everything from Lovecraft Mythos to a cabinet holding artifacts Dante brought back from hell itself. He has an incredible eye for detail, and I had the cash, I’d have a room just filled with his work.
  • Halloween is coming up. If you want to go as Iron Man, why not build your own arc reactor? Everyone knows the costume’s better when you make it yourself…
  • Are you fading in and out of news programs? There’s a reason for it. One observant Brit shows how to build a news report just like the pros use.

  • I still have to see Piranha 3D, but I heard good things about. Spill.com referred to it as “fish and titties,” so is it any wonder the sequel is going to be called Piranha 3DD. No, I’m not kidding. That’s about as subtle as calling any Michael Bay movie Busty Brunettes and Guns.
  • In other scary news, it looks as though BP and other companies have been funding the Tea Party in an effort to fight legislation against climate change. We already knew Koch Industries and others were funding and pulling the strings, so maybe it’s time we just stop calling them the Tea Party and start calling them something more appropriate.
  • A high school cheerleader was suspended because, in one of the Facebook pictures, she appeared to be holding a beer. Even though she and her mother deny the young woman was drinking the beer, the school still went after her. Fair? Not fair?
  • An old college professor of mine shared this on Facebook. If you ever get the chance to study speculative fiction, you’ll learn to see what most people call “sci-fi” in a whole new light, and you’ll be exposed to ideas about sociology, psychology, and technology you never thought possible. Of course… you run the risk of running into professors that sound like this:

  • Got a college degree? Guess what? You’re qualified to mop floors. Got a doctorate? Still qualified to mop floors! It seems that people with advanced degrees, millions of them, are doing jobs one would never expect. It’s still a tough economy, my friends. Take the jobs you can.
  • Speaking of tough economic times, check out how to cut your food bills by a few thousand dollars a year. I already do several of these steps and let me tell you… it works. Also, food made from scratch tastes better. And I love cooking. So it’s a win-win.
  • We all known blonde jokes. We do. I just never thought there would be a world-wide organization that would validate every blond joke I’ve ever heard or said in a single website.
  • And finally, Christine O’Donnell may not be a witch, but here’s someone who certainly has her foot in the house of darkness. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a true American icon back just in time for Halloween. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, take it away.

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