America’s Jewish Problem

To paraphrase the Daily Show, religion brings us together in a world torn apart by religion.

June 3, 2011

No, not THAT kind of Jewish problem, although this was perhaps the most shocking title I could think of to get some attention. If you clicked on the link hoping for some anti-Semitic post, you’re out of luck, pal. Try THIS charming pile of dogma and race-based attacks.

Anyway, it looks like in a bid to make sure he makes even more obscene amounts of money, Glenn Beck is staging a rally in Israel to make sure they and God know we are on the right side of history. I, and everyone else who’s seen him preach for more than five minutes, knows this is a publicity stunt to get money. The man is charging $4,500 to go to this rally. He’s made several predictions, such as his assertion than the West will fall in the next few months, and Westerners will no longer be able to see the holy sites, and that we will have a second Jewish Holocaust.

All of it, of course, is crap.

However, this does bring up an odd point when it comes to Americans and Israel. Obama gave a speech where he asked for Israel to go back to the borders it had in the 1960’s. It’s not a stance that’s new or even that controversial. Even Dubya made the same proposal without too much fanfare by comparison. However, the response from the Right was “Obama wants to destroy Israel because he’s suggesting a course of action Israel doesn’t want to follow.”

In fact, any time someone mentions a course of action that might inconvenience Israel, the Right has a collective heart attack. We must stand with Israel, they say! We have to stand by them no matter what!


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Okay, let’s look at this from a purely physical sense. Has the global Jewish community suffered? Oh, of course. No matter how people insist on denying it, the Holocaust occurred, and even before that, Jews were often rounded up into ghettos and anti-Semitism is not a new phenomenon. Whether or not you believe Israel should have been created is another matter, but the reality is that the state exists and it faces serious questions as to how it and its neighbors will coexist.

But since when do we just give a free pass to any country to just do whatever it wants? Why do we believe we must help Israel at all costs JUST BECAUSE it is Israel? Remember, these are the same American conservatives who balk at the idea of affirmative action and welfare.

The answer has to do with the American Christian conservatives. If you’ve ever read through the book of Revelation, and it’s a fun read if you’re drunk, you’d know that Jews returning to the Holy Land is one of the conditions that must happen before Christ returns. And Christ returning is a big deal. He’s going to be on boxes of Wheaties and get his own toy in Happy Meals.

It will be a glorious day for Christendom, a day Christians have been eagerly awaiting for more than two thousand years…

Except that it doesn’t end well for the Jewish community. Not at all. See, the list of who gets to go to heaven is, well… small.

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When Beck and others say they are pro-Jew, they are only supporting Israel, not the Jewish people. Beck himself has a long history of promoting the work of anti-Semites and using Jewish stereotypes when attacking George Soros. Becky Boy even went so far as to claim that Soros, a holocaust survivor who has helped topple Communist regimes all over the world, helped the Nazis kill Jews. He and others have also made the very bold claim that we have abandoned the Jewish people by not going fully with everything Israel wants to do.

The problem, though, is that in their minds, “Israel” and “Jews” are the same thing. Never mind that Jews here in the States didn’t see anything wrong with Obama’s proposal. Never mind that hundreds of rabbis have condemned Beck’s rhetoric. For the Right, “Jews” and “Israel” are the same thing. Not supporting Israel is tantamount to racism.

They link Hebrew teachings and Israel like they link Christianity and America. Of course, Israel really was founded on Jewish principles for Jewish people.

But think about this for a moment. Like I said, the Right gives Israel a free pass because Jews have suffered, yet the Right doesn’t like entitlement programs. A lot of the attitude we have in this country towards Israel is based on the idea that we have to make things fair for them. The Right says we must do everything in our power to help Israel, yet what they really want is to hasten the End Times. And like I said, it doesn’t end well for, well, anyone.

Plagues, famine, and the war to end all wars.

When someone says not supporting Israel, no matter what the country does, is anti-Semitic, please remind them that there is a difference between the state and the religion. This isn’t about what is best for the nation or for Judaism. This rant is about this country’s default position and why we go there. I’m not saying to not support Israel, because I think we should. I just wonder at both our motives and our real reasons for wanting to help them. Beck and others like him don’t really understand the concept and, although I’m sure Beck is just putting on a show for money, many only want to help Jews because they believe it will bring Jesus back.

One entire ethnicity wiped out so JC can come back? Sounds fair, right?

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Well, now that we’ve had enough apocalyptic visions for one week, let’s get to those links.

  • And finally, to really get an idea of the kind of brain washing we subject our population to, the kind of thinking we instill on children, check out the following video explaining why we have so many patriots who dogmatically defend this country despite reason.   See you on Monday!

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  1. That video explains exactly why I don’t do the Pledge at school– I just stand (sometimes do the hand-heart thing) to show respect. And I’m not the only one, and nobody’s ever bugged me about it.

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