Beck: “Why The Norway Victims Deserved to Die”

Can you spot the asshole in this picture? I'll give you a hint. It's Glenn Beck.

July 27, 2011

Oh dear gods, it’s like Beck isn’t even trying to seem human anymore.

The bombings in Norway shone a light on the very real and very extreme problem of Right-Wing paranoia and conspiracy theories regarding the Muslim community and multiculturalism in general. These unfounded fears have now been given a very prominent spokesperson in the shape of Anders Behring Breivik.

Breivik described his actions as evil but necessary. His manifesto is rife with talking points and fears from American blogs and news organizations like Fox. In fact, the 1,500 pages worth of ideology would be right at home in Atlas Shrugs or any Fox News segment.

Oh, many on the right are trying to isolate themselves from someone who took their talking points of an imminent Muslim-Western war and took the next logical step if someone really does believe our way of life is being threatened.

Beck, though, takes the cake by saying something so utterly stupid, so incredible insensitive, that I am now fully convinced Beck has not a brain but a rather deflated rubber ducky in heavy gravy.

It’s the only explanation for his statement.


Beck’s reaction to the shooting that killed dozens of people, most of them children and young people?

The camp they were attending sounded like a place where Hitler Youth were trained. Why? It’s a camp where young people learn politics. Beck’s statement ignores the fact that he himself promotes a camp where young people can learn about political ideology. Oh, it gets better. Beck goes on an almost 8-minute rant about how this attack proves his theory that extreme Islam will destroy Europe. His proof? The guy bombed the government district and killed innocent children because he feared extreme Islam.

No, really. Beck thinks Islam is to blame because Breivik killed non-Muslims because he thought they were helping a conspiracy.

One irony not being shared many places is that Labor Party that runs the camp is the same party that actually FOUGHT against the Nazis.

Oh, there are plenty more juicy tidbits, but when Beck got called out for comparing the victims to Hitler Youth, he had a very logical response.

If he can’t use Hitler analogies in casual conversation, then he’s being oppressed like Hitler oppressed his own people.

He isn’t addressing the fact that what he said was insulting. He’s defending the fact that he said “Hitler.” See, Beck seems to think that the right to say something frees you from all consequences of said actions.

Free Speech isnt FREE by ~kikixD on deviantART

Okay, let’s test this out.

I believe Beck should be forced to personally apologize to the victims of the Norway attacks, the 9/11 families he smeared years ago, and he should issue a full refund to everyone who bought his so-called books. To not do so would make him an unrepentant con-artist and to continue to spread his lies is an act on the same level as domestic terrorism. His rhetoric has emboldened extremists and he is therefore an enemy of the state and the people of the United States.

If he does not turn himself in and renounce everything he’s said, he is an enemy of the Constitution and is inciting violence against his fellow countrymen. If the government will not act, the people must act

Okay, so by his logic, I am perfectly within my rights to insinuate people should take him out at long range with something supersonic. Why? To stifle my free speech is to become a Nazi.

Beat that, Becky Boy.

He and others like him are quick to distance themselves from Breivik and his actions, claiming he isn’t really Right-wing, and isn’t REALLY Christian…

Except Breivik is both, and he’s not the first Right-Winger to resort to violence to make a point. They were quick to dismiss Gabrielle Gifford’s shooter as Right-Wing. They ignored the Tides Foundation shooter, the Holocaust Museum shooter, and every other incident since then.

sunset mosque silhouette by ~amirajuli on deviantART

Can you imagine if the act HAD been perpetrated by a Muslim? They would have run and screamed to begin profiling, but if it’s a white guy and who loves him some Jesus and conservatism, hands off!

If this doesn’t prove to the world that American conservatism and Right-Wing media are a bunch of hypocrites and self-serving lunatics who don’t care about the lost lives their careless rhetoric has cost, then I’m going to have to go every registered Republican household and beat the occupants within with a baseball bat inscribed with this article until candy comes out of them.

I’m Mexican. I’ve had practice with such things. 

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    1. Too American. I could always go with the tissue paper-wrapped broom handle sans bristles we used when I was little. Just to keep it traditional.

  1. Me being as white as I can be without having blue eyes, I see racism a lot too… A person whom I don’t really know but am forced to be in a car/room/whatever with assumes I am like-minded and, to quote actual examples, ‘Pft, that N* needs to die (Talking about the heroine in Alien Vs Predator)’ ‘Damn Mexicans comin’ in and takin’ all our jobs’. I want to say to them, FUCK YOU, but I try to be nice to people and since I can’t say anything nice I just shut up and get the hell outta Dodge.

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