The Biggest SFW Dick Ever

To shamelessly steal a line from the Daily Show, this is what happens when you won't let gays touch your hair.

September 20, 2011

How much do you live on? After you pay rent or mortgage, get gas for all the cars, and basically pay for your lifestyle, do you have more than a hundred dollars?

Three hundred?

Five hundred?

I think most people would be happy if, after paying all their bills, getting all payments for the month out of the way, and buying good, nutritious food, they were left with a thousand dollars, maybe two thousand.  Save up for six months’ worth of payments just to be sure, and you can have some fun with that kind of money if you watch yourself.

Now what if you had $400,000 at the end of the year?

American, not pesos.

pesos blue demon by ~elChaMucO on deviantART

Most of us would agree that, after making all relevant payments, $400,000 dollars is a pretty sweet take.

John “I Shit Gold Bricks” Fleming, a Republican member of Congress, disagrees. He’s a multi-millionaire who laments that he only takes in a little under half a million a year (and somehow spends $200,000 feeding his kids). If you ever wanted proof of what is wrong with the GOP, this is it. I don’t want to use him as an example of every Republican, but since Republicans are so adamant about businesses that make LESS profit than this somehow needing their protection through tax loop holes, I have a question…

If AT LEAST $400,000 is not enough for a family to survive, how do they feel about families bringing in a thousand each month after expenses?

What about families that bring in $500 a month after expenses?



Money on the Table by ~dnldsv on deviantART

If these dicks think they have it so bad with half a million, why do they do nothing for the people barely scrapping by? Let me tell you something. When people need to sell blood plasma, sell their cars, take a second or third job, sell family heirlooms, forgo buying any fresh food, or otherwise make weekly sacrifices just to make ends meet…

When a good chunk of the country is like that and it STILL votes Republican, I can’t help but think we’ve actually moved past evolving into new lifeforms and have regressed into chimps.

No, scratch that. Chimps would fling poo at something threatening. We can’t even agree on basic facts.

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