Steve Jobs and the Legacy of Marketing

Don't get teary-eyed until you read this... Then you'll hate me.

October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. A lot of my friends have already expressed their gratitude for Apple products, and while I know that Jobs did indeed change the market and helped usher the computer revolution, I’m still a PC man.

This is not a slam on Jobs, people. I’ve used Apple products before. I had to while I was working with He Who Shall Not Be Named. I even own an iPod I like a lot. I can appreciate the simplicity of selling a product that anyone could use right out of the box, and I think Apple does a lot of things very well. However, I have one huge gripe with Apple products.

That would be Apple product users.

Apple Power by *theprodiqy on deviantART

Guys, Steve Jobs was a businessman and a nerd. He made and sold computers. Owning said computers does not make you part of the Apple community, some Borg-like collective of innovation. Using a Mac does not make you a genius. A Mac is not akin to the monolith in 2001. It is not a mysterious source of power that will grant you God-like abilities. Sure, an iPhone is handy, and there are many things it lets you do.

But it’s a phone.

I understand that a Mac is quite powerful and a handy tool if you want to work in film or graphic design. But it’s not THE tool. Back when I worked with HWSNBN, he had the latest, top-of-the-line Apple products. He could make gorgeous graphic designs and covers. He had the latest version of Photoshop and iMovie.

I could do the same kind of design on a four-year-old computer with a cheap Photoshop knock-off that was eight versions out of date. It took a few seconds for the filters and effects to render, but it was the same thing. I wish I could show the images, but Texas deer ranchers are VERY protective of people using images of their deer.

rainbow apple iphone wallpaper by ~MelissaReneePohl on deviantART

Look, Jobs was a very influential man. He was a very smart man who knew how to sell a product by making it more than a product and instead a part of the consumer’s identity.

So, with all the respect I DO hold for him, Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs.

And to the rest of you, stop trying to push your Apple products on me like you were cheap drug dealers. I’ve dealt with cheap drug dealers. Your pitches are no better.

Steve Jobs Potrait by gadgets by ~viruskuman on deviantART

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  1. October 6, 2011    

    Apple users are RABID. And I’m already sick to death of the coverage of Steve’s untimely death…granted, it does beat having to listen/read to coverage of Palin’s announcement.

  2. Ben Ben
    October 7, 2011    

    Thanks Mike, that’s a nice summary of what the man’s legacy should. He should be remembered as a brilliant designer. He wasn’t a philanthropist — he canceled Apple’s philanthropy when he took over as CEO, again, in the 90s. He wasn’t even a nice man — the former Apple employees I work with now agree that he was a total asshole. Even they couldn’t bear to drink the Kool-Aid. He was a designer of products and sales pitches, and brilliant at both.

    • Entropy Echo Entropy Echo
      October 8, 2011    

      …Wow, and here I thought I’d never called “Mike” by the likes of you again. Thanks for the memories!


      • Ben Ben
        October 11, 2011    

        I figured it had been far too long. You’re welcome!

        • Entropy Echo Entropy Echo
          October 11, 2011    

          What’s the emoticon need to respond to that? Ah, yes.


          You’re welcome.

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