Deporting 14 Year Olds… For America

This is where we send all the little terrorist black kids... Or something.

January 10, 2012

I will not say that all law enforcement is incompetent. I will not say they are racist. I will not say this happened because it happened in Texas. I will, however, say that the ICE officers who deported a 14 year-old American citizen who spoke no Spanish to Colombia should be dragged out on Main Street and at the bare minimum pelted with various rotten fruits and vegetables.


Jakadrien Turner ran away from home and was later apprehended for theft. She gave a fake name that happened to belong to a Colombian immigrant who had warrants for her arrest. I guess if we didn’t have fingerprints, photos, or any other information on said immigrant, it makes sense that ICE saw fit to deport Jakadrien. Except they did. The warrant clearly stated the person the warrant asked for was 22 years old. Not only that, but the warrant clearly stated the woman was from Colombia.

Being Colombian, you’d think that the ability to speak Spanish would be important. ICE thought otherwise.

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It’s funny how the agency immediately went to the standard response of “people slip through the cracks.” This wasn’t a crack. They took Jakadrien’s fingerprints. Seeing as how the actual criminal was Colombian, I’m going to assume there are more than a few people with the name of Tika Lanay Cortez. Latin American names tend to repeat. Trust me. Ice officials say they performed the appropriate interviews and came up with nothing to prove she wasn’t a Colombian citizen as she originally claimed.

Have these idiots never heard of the fallacy of proving a negative?

Besides, Jakadrien was FOURTEEN. What database was she going to appear in? What official record with photo and fingerprints was going to list her? They went to prove she was NOT a Colombian national? That’s nearly impossible. You can’t prove a negative, especially when the accused is not old enough to even have a driving permit.

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If I said I’d checked my car before going on a long trip but what I’d really done was look at the tires and made sure I had enough gas, I’d probably be asking for something bad to happen. ICE messed up. This isn’t a case of someone falling through the cracks. There is no excuse for this. A young girl lies and her punishment was a year in a strange country where she couldn’t even communicate with anyone? Yes, she may have stolen something, but this is unnacceptible. Someone saw a young black girl, found out she may have been an illegal alien, and just sent her to a new continent.

Like I said, this is not a condemnation of all the officials and employees of ICE and Border Patrol. I know a few people who help keep our borders safe and they do a fine job.

The incident with Jakadrien, though, shows that, somewhere in Texas, there is someone with the power to deport with just hearsay.

Fear for your country.

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  1. First of all it’s COLOMBIA no U. Second many are at fault starting from the the 14 year old and her parents. I have been detained in Colombia with paperwork but they couldn’t find me and they made me wait till they did find me (8hrs). Not sure what happened since they are not very strusting with anyone speaking in English. If you want anything done in Colombia you need $$$ so I’m not to sure how she got as far as she did. I’m thinking she had fake paperwork of the Colombian person. I think their is alot more to this story because I couldn’t get paperwork for me having most of my paperwork. Without a birth certificate in Colombian you can’t do anything. I’m thinking she knew someone in Colombia or she would be in the street like many people in Colombia. She entered Colombia with no $$ she would be treated like anyone else and kicked to the curb especially if she was a gringa. More to this story then the pregnant 15yr old is talking about.

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