Fox and Beck: Treyvon Martin Had It Coming

Most of us see the victim of a senseless hate crime and overtly lax gun laws. Fox and Beck's goons, though, see a criminal element that needed to be put down.

March 23, 2012

Trayvon Martin’s death and the subsequent stall of justice and prosecution of his killer has made national news in the past few days. Florida’s gun laws and the ability to Florida citizens to seemingly kill with less oversight and consequences than police officers is under scrutiny. But we have to remember something. As much as people are arguing over the gun laws and as much as people are wondering why we haven’t done more towards Zimmerman, there is something more vicious going on.

Some are actually blaming Trayvon for his own murder.

Just when you thought the Right Wing noise machine couldn’t get more despicable, Gerardo Rivera, a man famous for being ordered to leave Iraq after divulging troop positions, went ahead and said one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

Among other things, Geraldo thinks there’s nothing wrong with crossing the street when you see a black or Latino youth because we’ve all seen punks rob convenience stores wearing hoodies. Trayvon was wearing a hoodie, so Zimmerman may have been partially justified in his reaction to shoot an unarmed teen in his own neighborhood.

This is the same kind of mentality as blaming rape victims.

“Oh, you went out with make-up and a skirt, and you had a drink at the bar? Well, you just looked like the type of woman men would assume wanted to get laid. You were probably asking for it.”

The rape justification is horrible. Blaming a teen for his own murder because he was wearing a hoodie, you know, an article of clothing for cool weather, is downright disgusting.

Justice for Trayvon Martin by ~autumnsayshello on deviantART

Then you have Glenn Beck’s website, The Blaze. After Captain Blackboard got the boot from Fox and was dropped from several radio stations, this became his little haven. And boy, he may not have written it, but he’s not said anything about it, either.

Mytheos Holt, an associate editor at the Blaze, wrote an article claiming we didn’t have all the facts yet. For example, did you know that Trayvon was suspended from school? We don’t know why, but the list includes:

  • Harassment (non-sexual or isolated)
  • Petty theft (under $300.00)
  • Assault/Threat against a non-staff member
  • Breaking and Entering/Burglary
  • Bullying (repeated harassment)*
  • Sexual harassment**
  • Grand theft (over $300.00)
  • Sex offenses (other) (including possession and/or distribution of obscene or lewd materials)
  • Armed robbery
  • Arson
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping/Abduction

Is The Blaze implying Trayvon was a promiscuous murderer who liked to set fires and steal? They just put the list out there as if to say, “You decide, America!”

Well, we have. It’s why Beck lost his show and why people like Holt and Rivera are horrible human beings. We have plenty of facts on the case. It’s become such a national story specifically because we know so much about the case and nothing’s been done about it. If it had been a murder and Zimmerman had been arrested on the spot, it would have still been a tragedy and would likely have garnered some national attention and started a conversation on Florida gun laws.

And even IF Trayvon had been a homicidal pyromaniac, when he was killed, he posed no threat to anyone, especially someone with a loaded gun. Unless, of course, The Blaze is advocating killing people on the basis that they MIGHT have done something wrong.

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This just goes to show just how disconnected from reality some people can get. Here we have a case of an overzealous man who shot and murdered an unarmed teen and while most people are trying to figure out the legal implications of the state’s gun laws and how this Zimmerman has not yet been arrested, we have Geraldo and Beck’s cronies wondering how Trayvon himself caused his own murder by being black and wearing clothing.

If anyone asks me why I write these articles and why I keep making videos, I point to things like this. If we don’t actively go after these self-righteous bastards and their insane semblance of “logic,” others might follow suit. It’s why education is important. It’s why we need to learn proper critical thinking skills.

If you look at this case and wonder how Trayvon Martin went so long without getting shot, you should be sterilized for the good of humanity. And set on fire. Also for the good of humanity.

To help wash away the hate and usher in the weekend, here’s the full trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

2 Replies to “Fox and Beck: Treyvon Martin Had It Coming”

  1. I dont know what happened that night and I hope justice prevails either way. However, you dont like people stereotyping other people and then you make a statement about right wing talkers and use Geraldo as your example? Geraldo is a LIBERAL. The fact is that just because you dont like his opinion you call him a right winger to make yourself feel better. Secondly, everybody has a tendancy for bias towards their own kind. It doesnt make it racist. I find it amazing how it is perfectly normal for every race of people to favor their own race except for whites. Its OK for for every other race to favor, trend to, hire, and vote for any candidate simply because they look the same, but it is racist only when whites do it. Take this situation right now. If you ask 1000 black people if Trevon was murdered, what percentage would vote that he was. Based on the reaction, I would bet at least 99 percent. Now, turn the story around. If the shooter was black and the person shot was latino, do you think the same percentage of black peope would vote that the black man murdered the latino? No, a huge percentage would believe that it was self defense. Is that right?

    1. A couple of things…

      1) I never called Geraldo conservative. My exact words were “Just when you thought the Right Wing noise machine couldn’t get more despicable…” I was referring to Fox news itself and the fact that the hosts didn’t call him out. They started to do so, but in the end just sort of went with it.

      2) I don’t need to call anyone a Right-Winger to make me feel better. Calling them idiots is enough.

      3) There is a HUGE amount of evidence that Zimmerman acted based on race. He used a racial slur in his 911 call when referring to Treyvon. We have the recording. It’s been confirmed.

      4) Between the eyewitness reports, the 911 calls, and the call Treyvon himself made as he was being killed, there’s no evidence that Treyvon was the aggressor. Zimmerman had a gun, Treyvon didn’t, and Treyvon was shot for being black and looking suspicious aka WALKING AT NIGHT.

      5) Your example is an exercise if futility. A poll would mean nothing if you didn’t give context. Give this exact scenario, switch them for a black shooter and a Latino victim, but make the shooter say “Fucking beaners,” and I guarantee your fictional black polling audience will say yes, the shooter was racist. We don’t think it was racist based on the fact the shooter and victim were different races. We think it was racist because the shooter DID RACIST THINGS AND IS ON TAPE.

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