Where in the World Was I?

I’ve been working on some freelance projects the last few weeks, so you may have noticed the TOTAL lack of updates. This will change soon! I promise. The heavy work is out of the way and I’m energized and ready to go. I need to do some site clean-up, but regular updates should resume tomorrow or Wednesday.

Keep the faith, subscribe to the Youtube channel, and I’ll see you soon!

2 Replies to “Where in the World Was I?”

  1. Well it’s about time! How dare you have a life, a job, and freelance assignments that help you pay your bills, achieve your goals, and be a productive member of society, when they take you away from your blogging. That’s just not right. I hope you prioritize better in the future, young man.


    1. Listen here, ol’ timer! Things are not like they were back in the Prohibition! We can’t just drop everything to go play XBox live! I’m sure in your time you could drop everything and go see the latest talkie, but we have responsibilities these days. ;-)

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