Books Are NOT Dead

I came across this little gem on Buzzfeed this morning. I’m sure it’s in jest, but the idea is simple: e-readers are here and printed books are dead. They’re just material to be used and abused now. While I have a tablet and a pretty good library of e-books in it, I find the idea of thinking of books as a fad or things that are now antiquated offensive. Sure, Kindle has so many benefits. For example, I’ve got so many free books in it that, were I to actually have physical copies, I would need three new bookshelves.

As someone who works online and does business electronically, it might seem odd to defend the humble paper and ink book, but they will not go out of style or be subverted by e-readers.

  • You can’t get autographs on e-readers.
  • Physical books don’t crash.
  • Real books become more valuable with time.
  • E-books don’t have that wonderful old book smell.
  • Real books don’t need to get plugged in and don’t run out of power.
  • Real books include touch, sight, and smell, creating a sensory experience that, while subtle, will never be duplicated by any electronic reading format.

In short, real books are here to stay. I’m sure the Buzzfeed article isn’t serious, but if anyone DOES think books are on the way out, let me just war you of how wrong you are.

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