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Relaxation’s for Chumps

February 28, 2011 Stress is good. It’s good in the same way sadness and joy and sugar are also good for you. I’m in the middle of editing, rewriting, and finishing extra stories for Charcoal Streets. At the same time, I’m working at a job that’s suffering major cuts. I know others are worse off […]

5 Things Every Artist Needs

February 25, 2011 Do you want to be an artist? That can mean so many things. Maybe you want to sketch on the weekends. Maybe you want to make a living in graphic design. Some people dream of writing a best-selling, critically acclaimed novel… Well, guess what? Talent and connections mean crap if you want […]

Stand With Your Teachers

February 23, 2011 It’s a common belief that more people are afraid of public speaking than they are of death, and so goes the joke that at a funeral, most people would rather be in the coffin than behind the pulpit. Now imagine that not just public speaking, but the future of two dozen lives, […]

Blasphemy in the Name of Tolerance

February 21, 2011 Remember that Jesus taught us to shun the non-believers and turn a blind eye to their plight. Or something like that. It seems a church in Alexandria, Virginia has opened its doors to local Muslims who need a place to gather and pray. This act of charity, two religions working together, is […]

Justin Beiber Kills an Abortion Docto...

February 16, 2011 I was actually having an okay week. My computer’s still busted but should be fixed soon. I gave a pretty good class this afternoon. Most importantly, I had a wonderful weekend with my fiancé that included a home-cooked anniversary dinner and a great game of D&D with titans, devils, and giant things […]

Learning How to Spell 6: Music Soothe...

February 14, 2010 Writer’s block is the kick of the junk that keeps pressing down harder after the initial hit. Many writers have different cures for it. Mario Martinez, a collegue, suggests a stiff drink and some James Brown. Other authors take walks or exercise or just do anything else to get their minds off […]

Violet and Marigolds

Death brings a clarity to the world that few events ever match. Weddings entice us with the future. Graduations place is somewhere between lives. A birth is merely the beginning of a longer adventure. But death… Death ends things. Marigold by ~Steelpiano on deviantART At least, that’s my first reaction whenever someone I know passes […]

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