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H. P. Lovecraft and Phantasy

Alan Moore on Art

Dad the Writer 3: Soul

August 10, 2015 This is the final installment (for now) of “Dad the Writer.” We’ve gone over how to keep mind and body sane and healthy while you juggle being a parent and an artist. Obviously, as cliché as it sounds, we end with keeping the soul sane. Whether or not you believe in the […]

Design Journal: Elohim

  One of the many things I’ve been trying to get off the ground in the last two years, more like three, is the Gnosis RPG. It’s a new game system and campaign setting designed to be gritty, dangerous, and easy to play and set up. The campaign world is the modern world, except it’s […]

Dad the Writer 2

July 22, 2015 In continuing last week’s “Dad the Writer,” I need to point out that keeping mentally active is not the only thing needed in order to be an artist and a parent. Yes, you need to keep sharp, but your body can suffer if you neglect it. While many of us would be […]

Teaching Children

Life… Riffed.

We’re close to the 9th anniversary of Rifftrax! For those who don’t know, Rifftrax is one of several creative continuations of Mystery Science Theater 3000, a show that has a premise as insane as the belief that it would last the ten years that it did. Mad scientists shoot a man into space and force […]

Dad the Writer

I’ve written extensively about the many things that a writer needs to do to make time and create good works and excel at his or craft. That was before my wife and I ushered in Mattie, our precious little spawn. Don’t get me wrong. I love Mattie to death. Nothing cheers me up more than […]

I’m Back!

It’s been over two years since I was here in any permanent capacity. Yes, I wrote a handful of articles, but they were anomalies. The site’s lingered here, virtual spiders building their virtual cobwebs, traffic trickling down, but still consistent. A year and a half ago, we had a baby girl. My time’s been devoted […]

Learning How to Spell: The Reading Yo...

It takes more than knowledge of writing to be a good reader and help a writer.

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