Charcoal Streets

I am a metaphor...
I am a metaphor…

Charcoal Streets is set in the city of Via Rosa. Located in the American Southwest, Via Rosa has heavy Hispanic influences as well as problems with violence, drug trafficking, and culture clash. However, it is also a nexus between Heaven and Hell.

Demons, angels, and ghosts live in Via Rosa. Humanity is watched over by angels, but they are not saints. They have their agendas and do anything possible to maintain the proper order of things. On the other side are demons, creatures of chaos who wish to free humanity from morality and obedience. In the middle of all this is a former angel named Miguel who, fed up with the dogma of Heaven, has moved to Earth. Though not sympathetic to Hell yet, he walks a fine line between the angels and the demons…

There are others in Via Rosa (witches, ghosts, and lost souls, alive and dead) who are trying to find the balance between the extremes in the world. Some succeed. Some don’t. Some live. Some die.

Welcome to Via Rosa.

Charcoal Streets: Communion (UPDATING)

Want to see the full list of current stories and read some full excerpts? This is the place.


Charcoal Streets Art

Charcoal Streets will be about more than stories. It will be about art in all its forms: music, visual, and literature. At least… that’s my dream. Here are a few personal pieces as well as a wide-screen wallpaper based on the cover!


Characters (COMING SOON)

A rundown of the major and minor players in Via Rosa.


Soundtrack (COMING SOON)

Each story has a song associated with. Here, you can find the full list, as well as lyrics and other links.


Buy the e-book! (COMING SOON)

Whether you want it for your Apple product, Kindle, or whatever else, this is the place to go!

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