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Miguel thumbnailMiguel

Miguel is a man who simply wants to live out his retirement on Earth. He was an angel, a very powerful one. According to Micah, Miguel was responsible for sealing Lucifer and the rebel host in Hell. However, in order to retire, Miguel must now abstain from interfering in the affairs of Heaven and avoid causing a stir. Of course, these are things Miguel would prefer not to do.

He rarely goes anywhere without his signature black duster, something he can only do because, being fireproof, the Via Rosa heat doesn’t bother him. Soldiers and children have a special place in his heart, as does a good beer.


One of the most enigmatic residents in Via Rosa, Carmen is a professional assassin who takes contracts from good and evil alike. She is a half-angel, one of the Fallen Children, who cannot enter Heaven or Hell and is therefore cursed with reincarnation. However, being half-angel, she has the strength, speed, and endurance of a soldier of Heaven, as well as additional senses that let her see auras.

Despite killing people for a living, she has a code of honor. She once refused to collect on a payment since the mark was already fatally wounded when she found him. It would have been dishonest.


A trickster and a tempter, Muriel is one of the primary demons in Via Rosa. His form, like other demons, changes based on who is watching him, but he retains one blue and one yellow eye if a person can pierce his glamour. While he is one of the original angels who rebelled and were cast into Hell, he believes his cause was righteous, not evil, and is heavily conflicted regarding his betrayal of former friends. A former cherub, he sees the loyal angels as nothing more than robotic soldiers with no will of their own.

That doesn’t mean he won’t try to turn someone to a life of chaos and what he perceives to be true freedom. To say he is hedonistic would be an understatement.


Micah is a Principality, an angel tasked with overseeing humans. His dark green suit and gold tie peg him for a man of wealth and class, and while he enjoys the good things in life, he is a strict advocate of moderation and order. His life is lonely, and while he takes pride in his work, it gives him little joy.

His low opinion of humans notwithstanding, he is brutally efficient at his job. He will go to outside channels to complete an assignment.

While he rarely drinks, when he does, he favors wine.

FatherFLoresthumbnailFather Flores

Mario Flores was a gang member in his youth but left the life sometime in his early twenties. Since then, he’s joined the clergy and become been stationed at the Via Rosa Cathedral. As such, he is well-known throughout the city and his words carry a lot of weight. He works closely with Micah but has had a crisis of faith in the last few years. He’s seen many in his flock leave, and more than a few die.

Despite working directly with an angel, he doesn’t have faith and belief, just a practical sense to the world. He rarely quotes the Bible, but instead tries to relate to people in applicable terms. This has not endeared him to Heaven.


Like Muriel, Lilith is a demon working in Via Rosa. She is more in league with Hell than Muriel and is perhaps even more manipulative than her counterparts. Her own advancement, and the spread of chaos, are her main concerns, going so far as to try and tempt one of the Fallen Children. However, being a demon, she is cordial and knows that indirect manipulation, getting others to willingly do her bidding, is preferable to coercion.

She’s also on neutral terms with the Blue Lady and appears to have few true enemies among those who know her true nature. Although she constantly shapeshifts like other demons, her eyes remain green and violet in her natural state.


Luz is a local witch on good terms with Miguel. Although very young, barely in her early twenties, she is an accomplished witch who can mask demons from Hell and ward buildings against unwanted entry.  She can also create herbal mixtures to knock someone out and make him or her more prone to possession. Her skills are well-known and the old colonial house she lives in is something of a local urban legend. Local teens sometimes ask her to cast spells for them, but she refuses.

Unlike many others in Via Rosa, she knows of the angels and demons that live in the city. She even has drinks with them on occasion.

BlueLadythumbnailThe Blue Lady

Children can see a figure when they are younger. They forget her when they get older.

This is the Blue Lady, also known as the Girl in Blue. She’s not an angel, but neither is she a ghost. Her origin is tied to Via Rosa and the belief people hold of her and her abilities. She cannot usually directly interact with the world, but children will often smell flowers in her presence. She is not the Angel of Death, but she can help shepherd her wards to the other side.


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