Charcoal Streets: Volume 1

Under Construction!

The final batch of stories is getting edited and previews and even full chapters will be here shortly!

“Bigger than Jesus”

Eddie decides that the world is too much to handle, so he plans an elaborate suicide sure to get the everyone’s attention and make him a respected and loved individual. There’s just one problem: the Grim Reaper is busy, so he sent a replacement.

“She Wept Flowers”

Little Sandra loves her father. Her father also loves her. He loves her so much, he whips her back with a heavy belt buckle when she misbehaves, but Sandra knows he loves her. The Blue Lady takes care of her. The Blue Lady makes everything okay. But the Blue Lady won’t be there forever.

“Call the Baptist”

Father Flores is a priest with a slight crisis of faith. It turns out the angel sent to help him revitalize his flock is not concerned with much more than getting the seats filled. However, Flores’ doubts prove even more problematic when a demon possesses one of his flock.

“Diego’s Day”

Diego is a thug on the run from his own gang. While contemplating his next move, he meets the demon Muriel. For the rest of the night, Diego must avoid his former friends and navigate a haze of pills, alcohol, and a taco-eating demon with cryptic answers.

“Beautiful Lies”

The demon Muriel’s nightly temptations take a turn when he does something he genuinely regrets. Now on the run from Hell’s forces, he must turn to an unlikely ally, the former angel Miguel, and hope that the half-human hunting him won’t find him before it’s too late.

“When Angels Come Marching Home”

Luz’s father went to war and came back different. Trying to make a connection with anyone, she meets her reclusive neighbor, a man who also has his own secrets and regrets. It seems Luz’s father and neighbor are both trying to forget the things they did and saw, but their options are more difficult than little Luz knows.

“Designer Drug”

A young man sees homemade drugs and mixes as the perfect way to escape reality. He recounts his path to addiction and the philosophy of narcotics while a danger from his past moves in closer.

“The Butterfly Man: A Children’s Story”

There once was a painter who lived in Via Rosa. This is the story of his greatest work. It’s the story of an artist.


El cucuy, a Latin-American version of the boogeyman, haunts a man from the time he is a child all the way into adulthood. What does this creature want? When will it stop? And why can’t the man kill it?

“Three Cries”

A witch, a demon, and a spirit known only to children recount their versions of La Llorona, the weeping woman of Hispanic folklore.

“My First Dog”

A teenager tells the story of a dog unlike any other.

“Eternal Love and Other Lies”

Long ago, angels took human wives and bore children. Those children had the souls of humans and the power of angels, but they were not welcome in Heaven or Hell and were doomed to reincarnate over and over again. One soul, though, could remember his past lives. And he remembered the woman he loved. As he chases her soul through the ages, she herself is remembering the atrocities he committed to win her love…

“No Snow, No Eyes”

Arturo thinks he’s nothing special. He works. He drinks. He wants a better life. One night, while ingesting mescaline, he sees past the veil of reality and meets an angel who can guide him.

“The Ballad of Carmen Espinosa”

Set years before most of the stories in this anthology, this story tells the story of Carmen and how she came to be an assassin who can take jobs from Hell itself. She was once a contract killer, a woman jaded by her life in Via Rosa, trying to help her family. When she’s tasked with taking out a local drug trafficker, Heaven itself arranges things to turn Carmen in a pawn in a much larger plan.

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