What is the point of this site?

“Randomology” is the study of randomness. There’s an element of wisdom in observing the weird, the fringe, and trying to understand it. By knowing the outlandish, the strange, and the downright out-there, I think it’s possible to get a better grasp on the everyday situations around us. The higher the practice, the easier the game.


Weird good. Embrace the madness.


Anything else?

Who makes those pictures at the top of the articles?

I do. They’re public domain images or otherwise used for parody purposes in accordance with Fair Use laws. The Mario Brothers noir articles, for example, are parody, which is often seen as a legitimate use of such images. Until someone tells me otherwise, I keep them.

Do you hate children?

What? No! I’ve taught and regularly work with college students who, granted, are not children, but are just past the hormone-driven high school years and are entering the hormone-driven college life. In fact, I actually like kids. A lot. Despite evidence to the contrary. I believe in raising kids to be responsible and accountable for their actions. I do not, however, advocate lying to them or manipulating them.

You use a lot of videos from Media Matters for America. You’re clearly a liberal loon, right?

…I am not a loon. I use Media Matters because they have a very large archive with video clips I can use. The clips are not edited and I provide them so you can see just what I’m talking about, not just take my word for it.

Are you religious?

Would it matter if I was?

Yes! You have a lot of anti-Christian things on your website!

I also eat pork. Does that make me anti-Jewish? Look, I know some people are going to take offense with the things I have to say against religion, but it isn’t on the specific religions. It’s about the way people use religion as a sledgehammer in society and politics. I have a problem with people taking something that some use as comfort and guidance and turn it into the basis for discrimination, censorship, indoctrination, and antagonism against anyone who doesn’t fit a nice little mold. Whether I believe or don’t believe in any particular faith has no bearing on that stance. What you do in your home or in church is your business. But don’t tell me I’m going to the hell you believe in. It’s YOUR hell. You go to it.

I found a typo on your site!

That wasn’t a question… and could you tell me where it is so I can fix it shortly before drinking hemlock? DON’T LOOK AT ME!

I found you on Facebook! Can I be your friend?

Do I know you? Then no. Look, I know I’ve mentioned my full name and while I’m very glad you’d like to friend me, I make it a habit of refusing requests from people I don’t know. I have no way to knowing if the friend request is spam and I really have no idea who you are in any other respect other than you read this site. While I’m flattered for the invite, sorry. No-go.

5 Replies to “FAQ”

  1. I happened to come across a video of yours on YouTube because it was listed as a suggestion under a video of one of a music video. I’m so grateful I did because I hadn’t heard of Randomology.org prior. Just wanted to give you props for the way you present your information. Also, it was very commendable how you preficed by saying you don’t know enough about the specifics as not to offend those who do. Kudos, Brother! I’m going to recommend your site to my friends.

  2. I find your videos very easy to agree with. You seem pretty down to earth and really smart. Please keep up the good work and now back to randomly searching around this site ta ta

  3. Hey, I don’t know if you stay on this site anymore, probably not judging from the tumbleweeds laying around, but I am 16 and thankful for your videos. You present information accurately and clearly. I live in a predominately christian household, and according to my dad, this is how my family has survived for centuries. I’m converting to another religion, and that is how I found your videos. I haven’t realized what I’d been razed to believe, and in my struggle to see things from all sides I realize I don’t have to anyone. What I mean is, most people in my previous religion see others as children, having to raise them and change the way they think to conform. We are even directly taught this. The white mans burden should be over by now. We are all human.

    Sir, thank you for making those videos, and whatever you are up to currently, I wish you well. Now I have to devise I 3 year plan on telling my parents my new beliefs, much like a gay child creeping out of its safe padded closet to embrace the world, truthfully, for the first time.

    Blessed be.

    1. Well, I’m back and finally looking through the comments from the last year or so. Firstly, thank you, and I’m glad I was able to help. Best of luck with your plan, and no matter what happens, remember to be true to yourself. Speaking from experience, it’s difficult when family and your own beliefs clash like this, but stay strong.

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