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If you can see it coming, we didn't do our job.

My name is Michel. I am a writer. I am also a gamer.

This is important. I game not just because I enjoy spending time with friends and making up stories. I enjoy gaming because it’s a great exercise for writers whether we sit in front of or behind the GM. My love of storytelling has fueled my gaming addiction for years, and now I look forward to sharing that passion, and that storytelling, with you.

The first d20 4E gaming supplement, “Elves with Shotguns,” is now available at RPGNow!

Soon, I’ll start writing a new book so-far titled Big Bads, a guide to running, and keeping, villains in an ongoing story-arc.

Check back for updates and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Links are on the sidebar.

How’s this for a motto?

“If you see it coming, I didn’t do my job.”

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