Mothers, Grandmothers, and Sake Shots

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

May 9, 2011

When my grandfather passed away almost six weeks ago, it had to be one of the biggest setbacks my family had sustained.

It’s been a tough time, and my grandmother has since moved in with my mother so she won’t be left alone in the apartment she and my grandfather shared for many years. She’s quite capable of taking care of herself, but one of the last things my grandfather asked us was to make sure she was happy, taken care of, and otherwise well-off by any standards we could set for ourselves.

This weekend was Mother’s Day (in the US), and we decided to take my mother and grandmother, Mami, out to dinner. Olive Garden was packed, so we went to Hayashi Hibachi, one of my favorite places to go. We requested Manny, one of the best cooks in the place, and the result?

That's nothing but sake in that bottle.

Mami doing sake shots.

She laughed, she enjoyed the food, and she laughed more in those few hours than she had in the last year. A part of me, the really conservative side of me I typically ignore, wondered how she could go out and have fun, laugh, and drink when so much had happened not two months ago. A part of me wanted to know how she could be laughing so much at a teppanyaki cook when her husband was in an urn back home.


My grandfather basically begged her to have fun. He told us to take care of her and told her to move on with her life.

Some of my earliest memories are of the parties my family three in Mexico. We have a foot-tall stack of DVDs of converted VHS tapes my grandfather saved before he left us. Almoat all of them are of parties with family and friends my family hasn’t seen in years. Some are forver gone from this world. We saw one video of my grandfather’s birthday more than twenty-five years ago and he was robust, strong, and even danced.

One of the toughest men I knew was dancing.

And these weren’t get-drunk-falling parties. These were go-home-at-ten-in-the-morning-the-next-day-and-have-a-bowl-of-menudo-to-sober-up-from-the-tequila parties. These were the parties you WISH you got invited to.

needs tequila by ~ZoeWieZo on deviantART

I don’t think I’ll be able to get the image of my grandmother at that restaurant out of my head any time soon, and it’s evidence of something I’ve told friends who’ve lost someone or otherwise gone through a personal tragedy.

Do you know how I know she’ll be okay in the long-run?

She was laughing.

That’s all I need to know.

Laugh, Live by ~MazeFall on deviantART

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