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Ann Romney to Hispanics: You Don̵...

I'm not saying Ann Romney is racist. I'm just saying she doesn't seem to think Latinos are intelligent citizens who deserve equal protection under the law simply because of their skin color and heritage. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Author’s Note: I realize some people prefer the terms “Hispanic” or “Chicano.” I personally refer to myself as “Mexican-American” since I’m a first-generation immigrant. I know we all have our preference, but for the purpose of this article, I’m sticking with Ann Romney’s terminology. Ann Romney is not running for office, but her recent remarks […]

Bill Nye vs Texas and Conservatives T...

It's clearly Photoshopped. There are no stars! (and if you need me to explain why that's so stupid, please consider why you can't see stars during the DAY)

May 4, 2012 Now that “Elves With Shotguns” is in the final stage of production and all I have to do is wait for RPGNow to approve the pdf for publication, I can finally sit back and enjoy the fruitful political and social discourse streaming through America’s media. By that, of course, I mean foam […]

Beauty and the “Common” W...

Beauty and the “Common” Woman

April 6, 2011 Is Victoria’s Secret finally setting some realistic standards? Well, yes and no. Model Candice Swanepoel (I am so glad I can just write this and not have to pronounce it) has gotten some flak from the press and the modeling industry because she’s getting too thin. Let that sink in for a […]

Beck, Bugs Bunny, and Lunatic Speech

Beck, Bugs Bunny, and Lunatic Speech

January 24, 2011 Lab rats contain the most rudimentary analytical skills. They can analyze their environment and, after some trial and error, adapt. Faced with obstacles, a lab rat will try different paths and strategies to get to food or an exit. In short, these small, obnoxiously cute animals show us the origins of critical […]

Anarchy for the Common Man

Anarchy for the Common Man

January 17, 2011 It’s been a heavy week, what with talks of violent rhetoric and other goings on around the world, so let’s talk about something light. Anarchy. Yes, you too can be a founding member of the new generation that destroys Western civilization as we know it! Well, not quite. See, to say that […]

How to Use Bullets and Language

How to Use Bullets and Language

January 12, 2010 Do our words matter? Every time I’m going to publish an article, I wonder who’ll read it, whether they’ll skim through and just go for the links at the end, check out the pictures, or if they just like to see if I misspelled something. Sometimes I like to think you read […]

Tuxedo Lesbians and Psychic Cops

Tuxedo Lesbians and Psychic Cops

June 16, 2010 Oh, the hateful speech is in full swing. It must be Wednesday! …I don’t even know what that means. I just needed some way to link these stories together and that sounded, at least in my head, like a legitimate strategy. Oh well. One Tux Too Many A young woman named Ceara […]

Divine by Zero: No Mexicans, Kick-Ass...

Divine by Zero: No Mexicans, Kick-Ass Darwin, and Drinking Through Your Eye

I had, at one point, another blog called Divine by Zero. Sadly, it never really went anywhere, but I like the name so much that I’m going to keep it for these alternating posts. So, what’s going on in the world? What can we gleam from these insights of madness?! Or these links… Did you […]

An Open Letter to the Arizona State L...

An Open Letter to the Arizona State Legislature, Part II

May 5, 2010 You can read Part 1 here. I am clearly a threat to this country. Let’s face it. Racial profiling is going to happen in Arizona. It already has. I went to great lengths to explain why this law is so wrong in the previous article, but now it’s spreading. The consensus from […]

An Open Letter to the Arizona State L...

An Open Letter to the Arizona State Legislature

April 28, 2010 To the Arizona State Legislature, I want to make sure I understand what it is your new law on immigration will do. If police have reasonable cause to stop someone they feel is an illegal, they may ask for documentation proving citizenship. That’s the main point in a bill that has such […]

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