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Getting to Know You

Guaranteed to make friends and enemies alike!

January 7, 2013 Since the world didn’t explode last month, or it did and we’re all actually in purgatory, I can go back to writing, ranting, and making videos. First, though, a word for anyone who has a blog, a Facebook account, or even just an opinion. We’re never going to agree. Well, maybe that’s […]

The Church of Beck

The Church of Beck

August 30, 2010 It happened. Glenn Beck has a legion of black-clad priests to do his bidding and spread his message. The Cult of Beck is here. Seriously. The only thing missing from this Saturday’s Beckapolooza, aka Restoring Honor, was kool-aid for all and a promise that the spaceship would soon arrive to take everyone […]

Texas Revolutionaries and Indiana Met...

Texas Revolutionaries and Indiana Methodists

April 19, 2010 So… my state may help start a new civil war. Seriously. Rick Perry, governor of Texas, said, with no unclear terms, that Texas would leave the union if the federal government didn’t stop, you know, doing the things the federal government has to do. At the time, his statements draw a lot […]

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