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Bill Nye vs Texas and Conservatives T...

It's clearly Photoshopped. There are no stars! (and if you need me to explain why that's so stupid, please consider why you can't see stars during the DAY)

May 4, 2012 Now that “Elves With Shotguns” is in the final stage of production and all I have to do is wait for RPGNow to approve the pdf for publication, I can finally sit back and enjoy the fruitful political and social discourse streaming through America’s media. By that, of course, I mean foam […]

Neutrinos and P-Brains

For science!

October 8, 2011 If there’s one thing I hate as much as I hate sloppy or lazy writing, it’s the inability of some people to grasp BASIC science. Things like the definition of “theory” or the scientific method, for example, are not so difficult that you need a doctorate to understand. We teach them to […]

Drinking Arsenic, Killing Babies, and...

Drinking Arsenic, Killing Babies, and other Moral Activities

January 28, 2011 Did you ever wonder when it was acceptable to eat your own young? It’s pretty much a given that Tea Partiers are going to say some really, really, really, stupid things. I just expect it by now. Republicans have been denying global warming and human-influenced climate change for years, but I don’t […]

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