How the Republican Party Will Kill Us All

Just wait until they get the Tea Bagging Ninja Squad up and running.

April 1, 2011

Yes, it’s April 1, but this is not an April Fool’s joke. The Republican Party really is trying to kill off American citizens. Don’t believe me? I’m not going to weave some elaborate conspiracy theory. I really doubt these events are part of some mass plan, but they are steps taken by this political party that will all have the same effect.

We are all going to die.

Single Parents

Representative Michelle “I Don’t Know What State I’m In” Bachmann wants to tax single mothers more. Or give breaks to married mothers. We’re still unclear on the specifics. The point is that single parents, a demographic that is already hurting in the current economy, will have more money taken out of their pockets because of life choices.

Whatever happened to Republicans wanting to get the government out of our lives? Look, divorce can be messy and traumatic for families, but why should these families get taxed and hurt more? Bachmann said she wants to encourage family formation, but given her record on gay issues, I’m going to assume these tax breaks would only apply to heterosexual couples.

Getting a doctor, food, rent, and gas is already a pinch. Why deprive single families of more money?

Double Duty by ~Yellowsticus on deviantART


The fight to help protect people through things like safety regulations has taken more than a hundred years. The Triangle Fire really opened up people’s eyes to the hazards and slavery-like mentality of employers at the turn of the century. One would think that things like asbestos regulations and the inclusion of fire-sprinklers would be a good thing, right?

Apparently, all these “safety” regulations are just getting in the way of business.

It’s funny, but when the GOP talks about small business, business, and the economy, what they really mean is “business owners.” Screw the workers. In Maine, the governor wants to take down a mural that celebrates the history of labor because he said he was told it was hostile to business. Where is this offensive piece of art?

The Maine Department of Labor.

So remember, folks, screw the workers. As long as SOMEONE gets paid, it’s okay, right?

Chanting for the Nation by ~leavenotrase on deviantART

The Poor

If you need food stamps, the GOP has the perfect way to get them. No, it doesn’t involve showing a need for basic necessities like food.

First, get a job.

No, really. That’s their plan. If you want food because you don’t have a job, first get a job. It’s amazing that these idiots don’t realize that it’s not that people aren’t looking for jobs. It’s that there ARE NO jobs.

Not harsh enough? Well, if you do have a job and are getting government aid, you better not go on strike. If you strike, they’ll pull your welfare. Now get to work!

Really, though, GOP is doing everything possible to flush money down the toilet in the name of protecting us from scary government intervention. The truth, though, is that the GOP is really concerned with government intrusion, but only in the sense that they want to be the ones who do it.

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So there you have it. Republicans want to starve, suffocate, and otherwise kill you.

Oh, and in Montana, one of them wants to repeal DIU laws because they hurt small business. I wish this were all a joke.

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The Rich Man’s Burden

Behold your god!

October 6, 2010

I’m going to warn you right now that this is a rant. Pure and simple. Also, don’t forget to vote on the poll to the right.

If you’re rich and you have to pay high taxes, I just have on thing to say to you.

Quit. Bitching.

For those of you who don’t follow tax regulations (it’s better than a Star Trek marathon!), one of the big debates on the political circuit has been whether to allow Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy to expire. These tax cuts are part of the “trickle-down economic model.” The theory is that if the rich have more money, they’ll invest it and it will eventually get down to the lower and middle classes. The rich, after all, are the job creators.

Oh, the rich! Were it not for them, we would still be living in trees, right?

Menacing Money… by =ThornsStoleMyRose on deviantART

My dad says something I always repeat to myself when someone complains about paying high taxes because of wealth. He likes to say that he’d love to have to pay half his salary to the government. Why? Because it means that he has more than enough left to live more than comfortably. And that’s just it. People have two thresholds for money as far as I’m concerned. You have the amount at which you can survive. For anyone not living on minimum wage, let me assure you that it’s not an easy feat. I’d love a few hundred more a month just to save up in case of emergencies.

At the same time, there is a point at which you no longer have to worry. We all have different standards of living and we’d all love to be rich, but we also have a point at which our basic desires, not just needs, are met and we can live without inconvenience. A recent study found that, for most people, this was roughly $75,000. Do you know how much I’d kill for that much money per year? Per two years?

The truth is that if you make enough to qualify for the Bush tax cuts, upwards of a quarter million a year, you’re doing pretty good.

Dollar by ~LostSoren on deviantART

“But isn’t taxing the rich more immoral? After all, they worked hard for their money!”


This is probably the most common argument against taxing the rich. It’s somehow wrong to deny the rich of their property. Guess what? A lot of rich people worked hard for that money. A lot of them woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning to build business empires that now span the globe.

A lot of them are also dead.

I could name names Paris Hilton and just say that Lindsay Lohan some people either inherited their money Glenn Beck or made it by selling crap to gullible people. Some wealthy people are using their wealth to get more money from the rest of us. Look at the Koch brothers or any lobbying firms working to screw the middle class. They are funding the Tea Party on daddy’s dollar to try and make a profit down the road.

That’s not to say that there aren’t legitimate, hard-working people in the upper echelons of society. The problem is that giving more money to those that have it is the complete opposite of what works. How do I know? Because we tried it before.

Women’s Bill by *digitalrebel-basel on deviantART

During the Clinton years, we had higher taxes on the rich and the economy thrived. Do you remember the Clinton years? The biggest problem we had to worry about was the fact the president of the United States screwed something besides the people that voted for him.

Actually, did Monica vote for Bill?

At that time, the economy was doing great. Why? The rich got taxed more and the middle class got taxed less. We had more money to spend. We GAVE our money to companies so they could go out and make more stuff for us to buy. Now, we’ve got companies exporting jobs out of the country and nothing stopping them from doing so. Any mention of regulation is met by shouts of “socialism” and “anti-business” rhetoric.

And let’s not forget the classic “class warfare” battle cry. Glenn, take it away!

Notice how he doesn’t specify that the tax cuts are for the wealthiest people in this country. Not for everyone. More than 98% of us have gotten tax cuts in the last few years, but the people who could afford to pay more don’t.

We know that taxing the rich more works and taxing everyone equally would be a catastrophe. If you believe, truly believe, that we should not tax the rich more than the middle class because it goes against some nebulous idea of fairness, then you’re ignoring reality.

It’s like saying that your car can’t possibly crash because you have an important meeting to get to. It’s like saying your teenage daughter can’t get pregnant because you want her to go to medical school. It’s like saying a tornado can’t wreck your house because you just got a new TV. Everyone is happier when the rich get taxed more. The middle class has money to spend and the rich get more revenue because people can afford to buy things. It’s that simple.

I swear that if I hear one more rich person complain about getting taxed too much, I will personally suck the money out of their bank account to mirror mine and make them live on that for one month and see how they like it.

Oh, I will do it.

Joker burns the money by *Trev-Murphy on deviantART

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