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Delicious Murder

Delicious Murder

June 29, 2010 I love meat. I love rare steaks. When my grandfather makes carne asada, it’s cause for celebration. Meat in all its forms is an essential part of my diet. I am a proud carnivore. But would I be willing to give it up for the sake of planet? That’s the assertion made […]

Divine by Zero: Obama Fights a Zombie...

Divine by Zero: Obama Fights a Zombie and Is Mortal Kombat Cool Again?

June 10, 2010 Everyone feeling the impending weekend? Oh, I am. I’m dusting off some notes from the last few years and finally finding time to write a series of short stories set on the border. These aren’t “chicano” fiction, however. If anything, they’re urban fantasy with a border twist. Should be fun. I might […]

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