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Divine by Zero: Make Spiced Wine with...

The things I do for science...

November 12, 2011 I tried making the spiced wine I wrote about a few days ago, and the results were… well, it wasn’t bad, but the process was a little more hectic than I thought it would be. And it wasn’t the recipe. It was the unwanted extra. Check it out, and don’t forget to […]

Divine by Zero Podcast: Updates and t...

Divine by Zero Podcast: Updates and the Creature from Hell

Episode 1: The Phantom Pooch. Sort of. Check out the first test-run for the upcoming vlog and stay tuned after my ramblings to witness the terror that made me film about 30 minutes worth of footage just to make this short little video.

Bordertown Laredo: Like a Fox News Do...

You will never find a more wretched hived of scum and villainy... If you believe the show.

October 14, 2011 I watched Bordertown: Laredo last night. It was the premier and they showed two back-to-back episodes. I was curious to see how this show would portray the city I live in, and was a little scared because Laredo is the influence for Via Rosa, the semi-fictional setting of Charcoal Streets. I know […]

Can’t Sleep. Dog Will Eat Me.

September 8, 2011 I was going to put together Divine by Zero for today, but let me tell you a little story. My sister has been out of town for a week, and Mary and I have been left alone with her faithful pup, Lucky. Lucky is a very sweet dog once she gets to […]


The Weekly Muse

Winners: Lost dog, blindness, End of Time Toby wandered through the kitchen one more time. He’d looked through the pantry and cupboards twice, but he had to hope he might have missed something. He tried reaching the higher cabinets, but he could barely get his legs to stretch far enough or find anything to climb. […]

Divine by Zero: The Knights of Beiber...

Divine by Zero: The Knights of Beiber and the Chainmail Bikini

June 30, 2011 Holy crap! A new Divine by Zero? Really? Yeah. See, time’s going to get really tight in the next few weeks, and I have to be a lot more conscious of the time I have to write. I’m going to start teaching a middle school writing course over the next few weeks, […]

The True Legacy of Any Real Mexican

The True Legacy of Any Real Mexican

May 6, 2011 When my grandfather died a few weeks ago, it was the third of three people (two family, one a friend), that I had to say goodbye to. It’s been a rough year, what with the financial con-job I worked at for a few months, the wedding next year, and upcoming novel complete […]

Love the Teacher, Hate the Job

Love the Teacher, Hate the Job

March 23, 2011 Teachers have been getting a bad rap for years. I’ve already outlined how educators don’t get the kind of pay people think they do, but there’s another reason it’s easy to blame teachers for failing education and make them scapegoats for everything from union trouble to state budgets. We’ve set up a […]

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