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Learning How to Spell 11: Details, De...

May 21, 2012 The apocalypse has been a recurring topic in the office lately. I’ve been doing research for an upcoming game. It’s set decades after a failed alien invasion, and though I wrote about it last year and we gamed for several weeks, my players asked me to restart it. I’ve been doing a […]

Apocalypse Meh

May 23, 2011 So… We’re all still here. Big surprise, but the impending apocalypse didn’t actually happen. The predictions of a lunatic were taken seriously by thousands and didn’t amount to much more than a few earthquakes and several wackos all over the world thinking that this was their last week on Earth. One woman […]

5 Movies You Need to See

March 30, 2011 Let’s lighten things up a bit. Every year, hundreds of movies get released. Some go straight to video. Others go the big screen, and a lucky few get the star treatment and are put out with a massive advertising campaign that will ensure everyone and their grandmother goes to see it. This […]

Why America Should Die

September 29, 2010 America is dying. Listen to the furor on the right. This nation has been changing, little by little, until it is almost unrecognizable by the hard-working average American. Health care, gay rights, secularism, and a host of other problems are taking this country and changing into something our own parents won’t recognize […]

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