Crimes of Conscience

Hey, you! You're making me question my beliefs! Stop it!

April 27, 2011

It was bound to happen.

The Right Wing has officially jumped into Orwellian territory. Remember that plot point in 1984 wherein the Party would use phrases like “Freedom is Slavery” and “War is Peace”? The idea was that having the population believe two mutually exclusive ideas would create such a dissonance that more mundane lies would be much more easily accepted. It is the willingness to believe something that cannot be true by its very nature that would make the population easier to control.

Behold the American Conservative Movement.

The Heritage Foundation is pushing for something called “conscience rights.” In essence, they claim that things like abortion and gay rights are assaults on freedom.

Think about that for a second. When the blood stops shooting out of your nose, keep reading.

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The argument goes something like this. Say you believe that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. By making same-sex marriage legal and otherwise embracing the homosexual community as normal members of society with the same rights and freedoms as everyone else, the government is encroaching on your moral fiber by making something you believe is a sin acceptable.

I’m really hoping you see where this plan falls apart.

They want to push to make things illegal because they are against their own morality, a morality that is quite clearly based on religious belief. But they’re not phrasing it like that. They’re phrasing it to somehow mean that we, as a collective, are outraged.

So… in order to protect speech, religion, and the right to love each other, you must take those rights away from others who believe, say, and love what you will not. After all, having worked with gays and having lived next door to one for three years clearly affected my ability to be attracted to women.

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Okay, I‘m being snippy. The specific example they go for is that if a doctor against abortion is asked to perform one, he will have to comply. This is clearly an assault on his morality, right?

Well, if he didn’t want to deal with this, he shouldn’t have made choices to put himself in this position.

So, if I am offended that Republicans are against gay rights, immigrants, and a woman’s right to choose, can I deny to help students at TAMIU who identify themselves as Republicans and write papers on conservative opinions? I’d be helping the ideological opposition spread its message, and I just couldn’t live with that.

Without actually claiming and admitting that this course of action is about fundamentalist Christian morality trying to weasel its way into our legal system, they’ve set themselves up for failure. A small part of me wants for this to get taken up just so the Right sees the whole thing blow up in its face like liberal-hearted claymore.

A claymore filled with progressivism!

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Hey, look! Links!

  • Cupcake-flavored vodka? I predict scores of sorority girls chucking this stuff, then puking their intestines out at parties in the very near future.
  • If you live in Tennessee, you will no longer be able to say “gay.” More specifically, schools won’t be able to address homosexual issues. Way to go, Tennessee. It’s not like gay teens were already marginalized, right?
  • And speaking of awesome things that don’t have anything to do with this, a new photo of Spiderman’s new costume (with battle damage) for the reboot film was released. The best part, we can now confirm the mechanical web-shooters are real. Even though it’s not the exact costume from the comics, I really like it.
  • And finally, Alessandra Torresani and some more geeks star in this wonderfully tongue-in-cheek video, “Tonight I’m Frakking You.” Can you name every character, reference, and actor by the end? Don’t think so. Anyway, enjoy the slave Leia outfit, female Ghostbusters, and in-jokes out the butt. See you Friday!

Heathen Morality

No excuses for this one.

October 11, 2010

By now, most of you have probably heard or read about the house in Tennessee that was allowed to burn to the ground even though firefighters were on the scene. Let’s go over the facts.

Obion County has a policy that states that residents must pay a $75 dollar fee in order to receive firefighting aid. The homeowner, Gene Cranick, did not pay the fee. The fire ended up jumping to another house, the fire department responded to the second house, then stood by on official orders to not help in the first case.

Everyone with me so far?

Good, because this is the kind of thing that really tells you about compassion, common sense, and how politics and even religion can get in the way of basic human decency.

Autumn’s Fire by *phatpuppy on deviantART

He Should Have Paid

Maybe Cranick had the money. Maybe he didn’t. It doesn’t matter. He said he thought the fire department would still come to help him, because, I don’t know…


The instant someone’s told me “He should have paid,” I know exactly what they think. If you can’t afford something, you don’t get it at all. Which is fine for many things, I guess. I’d love a brand new Lexus with all the bells and whistles, but I can’t afford one. I need a new external drive that won’t suck up as much electricity, but money’s tight right now.

But these aren’t life-threatening issues. A house with a person’s life inside is serious.

But If the Fire Department Helped Him, It Would Set a Bad Example!

Oh really? Let me get this straight. The city is willing to just let buildings burn down? Okay, now answer me this.

How does fire spread?

Fire doesn’t care. Fire goes where it wants to go. The fire trucks didn’t get there until it spread to another house. Is this city so set on “rules are rules” that they’re willing to let other properties suffer damage? The homeowner was willing to pay the fee afterwards. Why not just slap him with a fine or jail time or something? Put the fire out, sort it out later.

If you walk into the emergency room with a bullet in your gut, do they request to see your credit score before they treat you?

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Christian Outlook

A lot of the people who defend the fire department’s actions, at least the ones I’ve heard, are Christians who claim, without missing a beat, that this was an accident and the fire department’s hands were tied. If they helped, they’d be putting themselves in danger, risking their own insurance, setting a bad example, mumble, mumble, bitch, bitch.

If I may, have any of these people ever heard of the Good Samaritan?

You don’t help someone because it benefits you. The truest test of morality for any person is what he or she would do to someone who can do them no harm whatsoever.

When you give a dollar to the Salvation Army, you don’t wonder if you could have used that dollar to buy a candy bar later. When you offer someone who broke down on the side of the road to jump-start their car, you don’t charge them for the energy you used up in your battery. If you give a homeless man a few bucks to get some food and water, you don’t ask for a receipt so you can claim the donation on your taxes.

What was the penalty for putting the fire out? Increased insurance? A reprimand? Was it worse than SOMEONE LOSING EVERYTHING THEY OWNED? If it wasn’t, then I’m sorry, but this county has zero sympathy from me and nothing but contempt, as does anyone who defends them.

Be a human being. Someone needed help and the people who should have helped didn’t do anything. They didn’t even have the decency to just fine him later and help him out.

Imagine if police departments operated like this. You’re mugged and you didn’t pay your fee. Sorry. Can’t help. What about hospitals? If you crash on the side of the road and are bleeding out, we can’t send an ambulance until we see the proper documentation. I don’t care if it’s the law. Segregation was law once, and that didn’t make it right.

They’re lucky no one was hurt. Imagine if ANYONE had been in that house. Would any of these excuses have still worked? No. Not one.

So much for compassionate conservatism. No one, I don’t care who you are, can claim to be on the city’s side and still call him or herself compassionate.

No one. End of story. There is no argument. Not this time.

Links tomorrow. I’m too tired and pissed off right now… although I’ll hopefully have some good news in a few days.

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