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Ann Romney to Hispanics: You Don̵...

I'm not saying Ann Romney is racist. I'm just saying she doesn't seem to think Latinos are intelligent citizens who deserve equal protection under the law simply because of their skin color and heritage. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Author’s Note: I realize some people prefer the terms “Hispanic” or “Chicano.” I personally refer to myself as “Mexican-American” since I’m a first-generation immigrant. I know we all have our preference, but for the purpose of this article, I’m sticking with Ann Romney’s terminology. Ann Romney is not running for office, but her recent remarks […]

The True Legacy of Any Real Mexican

The True Legacy of Any Real Mexican

May 6, 2011 When my grandfather died a few weeks ago, it was the third of three people (two family, one a friend), that I had to say goodbye to. It’s been a rough year, what with the financial con-job I worked at for a few months, the wedding next year, and upcoming novel complete […]

The Last Lesson My Grandfather Taught...

The Last Lesson My Grandfather Taught Me

March 19, 2011 My grandfather died, peacefully, in his sleep. The last week was filled with tears, laughs, and family. My grandfather was fortunate enough to see his children, his grandchildren, and his great-granddaughter before finally closing his eyes for the last time. But I won’t remember him as the man lying in bed for […]

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