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Death of the Horror Movie Part 1

Shotgun to the face. Problem solved.

Are horror movies dead? And how can we fix them?

Horror Movies for the Squeamish

For your viewing pleasure.

October 16, 2012 It’s Halloween season again! It’s like Christmas, but watching movies about idiots getting butchered is not frowned upon, so I’m good. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been helping students from several classes, but one class in particular is making students write their review essays on a horror movie. You can imagine […]

History of the Horror Film: lurking, ...


The horror genre has had more twists and turns than a Mexican highway. Today, horror is filled with blood splatter, torture chambers, and cheap Syfy movies that think CG is a substitute for actual plot and characters. I’m being overly general, of course, but it’s hard to not look at my beloved horror, the genre that […]

Learning How to Spell: It’s Jus...

Shown here? Sociopathic child murderers. No, really.

November 21, 2011 If you’re a regular reader, you know I love a bad movie. Give me cheese. Give me ham. Serve it with some well-fermented low budget and you’ve got a winner! Every so often, though, I come across a movie that isn’t bad, but it has so many things that could easily qualify […]

Halloween Aftermath 2011

Or IS he?!

November 2, 2011 Why is Halloween so much fun? If you’re a kid, you get free candy and get to dress up and essentially play all day and night. You get to watch horror movies and act out in the darkest way possible without getting arrested (for the most part). But as an adult? I’m […]

Halloween 2011 Short Stories

It's Dia de los Muertos themed... not Halloween. You should know how I feel about mixing those two by now.

Today, let me share two pieces of flash fiction. Enjoy, and have a safe and fun Halloween! “We Do It For You” Whenever I feel like doing something silly, I wait until I’m standing in front of a mirror and make faces. I stick out my tongue or roll my eyes. Sometimes I just smirk. […]

Divine by Zero: Halloween 2011!

Divine by Zero Halloween

October 28, 2011 It’s been a LONG week. I’ve got sunburn over my entire face and I feel sick and tired like… well, it’s just been a rough, long week. To make up for it, I’m bringing you a LOT of links full of epic randomness, as well as some short films, AND I’ll be […]

The War on Halloween

Yeah, that's me in Joker make-up. I made the paper, too! For non-criminal reasons!

October 25, 2011 As if the stupid War on Christmas wasn’t enough, Fox now thinks there’s a War against Halloween. I guess pulling out of Iraq left them wanting combat of some sort, so let me indulge them. The Fox story goes something like this. Schools are banning Halloween celebrations because they don’t want kids […]

Halloween Movies for Parties

Now shown? The dismembered corpses hidden under the house.

October 24, 2011 It’s the best week of the year, and with Halloween coming up, I thought a whole week of horror-themed articles are in order. Let’s talk about the must have’s for any Halloween movie viewing marathon. The thing to remember when trying to pick horror movies for mass viewing is that everyone is […]

5 MORE Clichés that Need to Die

It's like a recursive dump!

September 12, 2011 It’s that time again. This weekend was spent watching horror movies, and seeing as how we didn’t get to play the horror RPG I set up, I’m in a bit of a horror mood this week. Let’s add to the wonderful list of clichés that need to die, shall we? Hillbillies in […]

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