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Steve Jobs and the Legacy of Marketin...

October 6, 2011 Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. A lot of my friends have already expressed their gratitude for Apple products, and while I know that Jobs did indeed change the market and helped usher the computer revolution, I’m still a PC man. This is not a slam on Jobs, people. I’ve used Apple products […]

An Open Letter to Rebecca Black (And ...

April 8, 2011 Music’s dead. At least, pop music is dead. I know, I know. Every generation thinks its music is crap. I’m too old if I start whining about the kids and their music and their Beibers and all that. Yes, I know that we’ve always had crappy music and the really good stuff […]

Vocabulary, You Bastard

September 8, 2010 Beck’s on vacation, Limbaugh’s just normal crazy, Bachmann is still her same old psycho-idiot, and no one’s really done anything stupid enough in censorship this week. At least, I haven’t seen anything. Time for an English language rant! Arguments often lead to a basic truth. Even if one side will never admit […]

Apples and Another Euphemism

WARNING: The following post is Not Safe for Work. View at your discretion. March 1, 2010 Our brains control the most basic responses and needs in our nature: feeding, fighting, fleeing, and mating. The last one, other than the “fighting” response, makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Be fruitful and multiply! Wave your freak flag […]

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