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Learning How to Spell: The WriterR...

It's a living...

January 19, 2012 What is the measure of an artist? Look at how students act. My mom and I agree on something, though: too many students are afraid to even try. The thought of going to the board or raising their hand is frightening. They might know the answer or think they know they answer… […]

Learning How to Spell 8: Neil Gaiman ...

Learning How to Spell 8: Neil Gaiman Saved My Life

June 1, 2011 First off, let me apologize for the weird temporary home page. I’m trying to figure out why everyone’s only seeing a blank screen there, and as soon as that changes, I’ll let you know. Now, on to business. Some months ago, while I was working for… a businessman of questionable ethics… I […]

Learning How to Spell 5: Pay the Writ...

Learning How to Spell 5: Pay the Writer

October 27, 2010 Art is one of the deepest, most personal things in the world. To create art, to make something that moves people or makes them think, is an act with few equals in this world. It’s the act of creation on a personal level. And it’s damn hard work. I’m a writer. That’s […]

Divine by Zero: Halloween Madness and...

Divine by Zero: Halloween Madness and The Future is Broken

It’s Divine by Zero time! I’ve got some time this week before I start working in the afternoon again, so let’s get the party started with some good ol’ links. If you’re on the site between October 25 and Halloween 2010, I hope you like the site’s, uhm, costume. It’s subtle, but I couldn’t think […]

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