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You Don’t Tell Superman to Shut...

Damned liberal illegal alien! Taking jobs away from real working American superheroes!

September 14, 2011 DC Comics (and yes, I know the name is redundant) has a long history of “revamping” and updating its comic universe. Ever since Crisis on Infinite Earths back in the 80s, and now with the new launch of virtually every major title, the DC superheroes are starting fresh. For those not familiar […]


The Weekly Muse

Winners: Lost dog, blindness, End of Time Toby wandered through the kitchen one more time. He’d looked through the pantry and cupboards twice, but he had to hope he might have missed something. He tried reaching the higher cabinets, but he could barely get his legs to stretch far enough or find anything to climb. […]

Apocalypse Meh

Apocalypse Meh

May 23, 2011 So… We’re all still here. Big surprise, but the impending apocalypse didn’t actually happen. The predictions of a lunatic were taken seriously by thousands and didn’t amount to much more than a few earthquakes and several wackos all over the world thinking that this was their last week on Earth. One woman […]

Gay Bomb OR Why Republicans Love Geno...

Gay Bomb OR Why Republicans Love Genocide

January 5, 2011 Are you gay? Bisexual? Thinking of changing teams after a drunken New Year’s night? Guess what? Republicans think you’re a bigger threat to this country than nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists. And no, that’s not hyperbole. And if you don’t know what hyperbole means, here’s the link. Last month, our […]

Divine by Zero: Starbuck vs. Werewolv...

Divine by Zero: Starbuck vs. Werewolves and the Drummer from Hell

June 3, 2010 Welcome, Randomologists. I’d like to also extend a warm welcome to the many new readers that have joined in the last three days. Folks, welcome to the madness. You’re now in a pit of semi-controlled chaos held together by delusion and paranoia. Tell your friends! Links off the starboard bow! Katee Sackhoff […]

Liar, Liar, Fox Lights a Fire

Liar, Liar, Fox Lights a Fire

April 14, 2010 Misinformation is one of the key causes of conflict in this country. We can disagree all we want. Some can say Texas is better. Other may foam at the mouth as they claim Chicago pizza is better than New York pizza. Argue about who should win American Idol. It doesn’t matter, but […]

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