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Snooki vs Actual Comedy

Snooki vs Actual Comedy

May 2, 2011 Okay, I didn’t think the last article would make me think so hard about something that I had never intended to pursue further. No, I’m not talking about Ayn Rand and the idea of Objectivism as a path to a real Utopia. Are the cast members of Jersey Shore comedic geniuses? I […]

Love the Teacher, Hate the Job

Love the Teacher, Hate the Job

March 23, 2011 Teachers have been getting a bad rap for years. I’ve already outlined how educators don’t get the kind of pay people think they do, but there’s another reason it’s easy to blame teachers for failing education and make them scapegoats for everything from union trouble to state budgets. We’ve set up a […]

Divine by Zero: American History Thro...

Divine by Zero: American History Through Boobs and the Dangers of Lesbianity

It’s been a hectic few days, but presentations are done, interviews are concluded, and I dove right back into the the internet… By the way, nothing stings more than giving a presentation on the importance of writing and having one of the freshmen point out you misspelled something on the PowerPoint. I still ache. A […]

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