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Private Tutors Make HOW Much?!

June 28, 2012 Ever get the feeling you were really in the wrong job? Okay, maybe that’s too broad a phrase, so let me put it another way. Ever have the feeling that you loved your job but would be so much happier without certain individuals? Okay, that just makes me sound like a psycho-killer […]

Cook… Like a Writer!

Cook… Like a Writer!

June 8, 2011 Cooking is an art. It’s like writing in many ways. You can add a dozen spices and spend hours working on something like Indian food, a dish that has more plants in it than a greenhouse, and get something that mixes flavors in unique ways to create new sensations. On the other […]

Adults Only

Adults Only

February 8, 2010 When I was in high school, teachers sometimes used films to highlight points in science, English, and history classes. We’d read a short story, then watch an adaptation of it and try and find the differences, discuss its themes, and otherwise enjoy the lesson more because the lesson came alive. Even the […]

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