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The Fall of the GOP

"I think my penis is THIS big."

March 6, 2012 Over the last month or so, I’ve pretty much dropped off the map… and managed to miss the BIGGEST clusterfrak in the history of the GOP. Ever. The whole debacle with Limbaugh and contraception and the hearings with nothing but men talking about ovaries when none of the have been near a […]

Rick Perry Really Hates Gay Sex

I approve this message.

December 9, 2011 I hate Rick Perry, but he can always be counted on to follow in Dubya’s footsteps and say something utterly stupid. Behold. Even though Fox recently declared victory on the War on Christmas, they’re not letting up. After all, not everyone is saying “Merry Christmas” and schools are getting rid of Christmas […]

Divine by Zero: Make Spiced Wine with...

The things I do for science...

November 12, 2011 I tried making the spiced wine I wrote about a few days ago, and the results were… well, it wasn’t bad, but the process was a little more hectic than I thought it would be. And it wasn’t the recipe. It was the unwanted extra. Check it out, and don’t forget to […]

Divine by Zero Podcast: Updates and t...

Divine by Zero Podcast: Updates and the Creature from Hell

Episode 1: The Phantom Pooch. Sort of. Check out the first test-run for the upcoming vlog and stay tuned after my ramblings to witness the terror that made me film about 30 minutes worth of footage just to make this short little video.

What Does Fleming Buy With $200,000?

I've heard this story before.

September 22, 2011 Yesterday, I introduced you to John Fleming, a Congressman who laments that he only has $400,000 left over after expenses for his business and other payments. It’s also after, according to his interview, he spends $200,000 to feed his children. And just what, exactly does someone buy with a $200,000 annual grocery […]

Can’t Sleep. Dog Will Eat Me.

September 8, 2011 I was going to put together Divine by Zero for today, but let me tell you a little story. My sister has been out of town for a week, and Mary and I have been left alone with her faithful pup, Lucky. Lucky is a very sweet dog once she gets to […]

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