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Fox News: Witches Will Steal Your Fre...


What Does Roger Ailes Think of Latino...

Ailes and Latinos

What does Roger Ailes think of potential Latino viewers?

Ann Romney to Hispanics: You Don̵...

I'm not saying Ann Romney is racist. I'm just saying she doesn't seem to think Latinos are intelligent citizens who deserve equal protection under the law simply because of their skin color and heritage. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Author’s Note: I realize some people prefer the terms “Hispanic” or “Chicano.” I personally refer to myself as “Mexican-American” since I’m a first-generation immigrant. I know we all have our preference, but for the purpose of this article, I’m sticking with Ann Romney’s terminology. Ann Romney is not running for office, but her recent remarks […]

The Death of Heroes, the Rise of Hope

The greatest animated comic comic

June 20, 2012 WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the Justice League episode, “Legends.” Between the new story and the superhero campaign I’d like to run in a few weeks when we take another break, I’ve had superheroes in the brain. I grew up a Superman fan, then Spiderman, and have moved to Batman. The […]

Fox and Beck: Treyvon Martin Had It C...

Most of us see the victim of a senseless hate crime and overtly lax gun laws. Fox and Beck's goons, though, see a criminal element that needed to be put down.

March 23, 2012 Trayvon Martin’s death and the subsequent stall of justice and prosecution of his killer has made national news in the past few days. Florida’s gun laws and the ability to Florida citizens to seemingly kill with less oversight and consequences than police officers is under scrutiny. But we have to remember something. […]

Divine by Zero: I’m a Racist!(?...

I'm not. It's just a dramatic way of introducing it.

February 10, 2012 It seems the last video got a lot of attention and a fair amount of heat for a lot of Hispanics going after a single white woman. Except we didn’t do it because she was white. Let me explain the concept of “racism” and “bigotry” and why I will not st

Troll Hunting

February 8, 2012 This whole YouTube vlog has really opened a lot of avenues of critique and condemnation. I’ll admit I was nervous. People are more active in places like YouTube that, say, a blog like this. More people are willing to comment and criticize a vlog than a blog. That being said, I got […]

Divine by Zero: The Birth of a Racist...

This woman is a poster-child for casual racism born from a sheltered life.

This story blew up in less than 24 hours. Everyone here is talking about it. Please watch, share, and read some of the comments on Youtube. It’s really hilarious when people try to pass off racism as logic and science.

Deporting 14 Year Olds… For Ame...

This is where we send all the little terrorist black kids... Or something.

January 10, 2012 I will not say that all law enforcement is incompetent. I will not say they are racist. I will not say this happened because it happened in Texas. I will, however, say that the ICE officers who deported a 14 year-old American citizen who spoke no Spanish to Colombia should be dragged […]

Stupidity: Made Confederate Proud

If  you know the exact name of this symbol, stop reading. You're already smarter than the people that actually put it on flag poles.

October 4, 2011 Inspired by this lovely article at Grumpy Dudes. We all have the right to voice our opinions. We have the right to express ourselves. However, as soon as you talk and put your thoughts out there, be ready to defend them. Case in point, I’d like to address all you folks out […]

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