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Tim Burton’s Greatest Mistake?

Johnny here is trying to figure out how to get his soul back from Burton.

March 19, 2012 I was excited when I heard Dark Shadows was going to get a movie adaptation. First of all, it was being directed by Tim Burton. Second of all, it starred Johnny Depp, though that’s kind of a given at this point. Burton and Depp did a great job adapting Sleepy Hollow, one […]

When Dan Brown Will Rewrite the Bible

On second thought, let me bring the shotgun.

January 6, 2012 This isn’t about the string of remakes that have come out in the last several years. Those are merely the symptom of a sick culture. And we are a sick culture. We may not know it, but we have a disease that’s festered and finally made manifest in the need to make […]

Divine by Zero: Starship Troopers Rem...

dvz starship troopers

December 5, 2011 Watch as I have a combination nergasm/ aneurism over the news that Starship Troopers is getting a remake.

Divine by Zero: Rebecca Black and Meg...

Divine by Zero

July 21, 2011 The voting is coming along nicely both here and on Facebook! keep going, guys. And when you’re done, please help yourself to a link or two. They’re on me. I know, I know. I spoil you guys. Do you like Batman? Well, there’s on easy way to get started. And speaking of […]

Ninja Pirate Zombie Robots vs Superma...

Ninja Pirate Zombie Robots vs Superman… Or Something

April 20, 2011 Is there a new movement for directors to take responsibility for their crappy movies? The latest is Bryan Singer, a man I generally respect for his work on the first two X-Men movies, House, and I look forward to see how he directs he adaptation of the 1970’s Battlestar Galactica for the […]

No Love for Faux-Artists

No Love for Faux-Artists

April 15, 2011 I am done with the internet. You know how I often say that education is the key to our society’s survival and how all opinions are just opions until you actually show evidence for why your point of view should be taken seriously? Behold the ultimate argument for my philosophy. That’s right. […]

Why Plagiarism is Good

Why Plagiarism is Good

January 19, 2011 Have you ever read the sequel to Macbeth? No? It’s really cool. The witches resurrect everyone at Hecate’s order in order to have them work out their differences at a lavish, magical banquet. What about the stunning trilogy set after the events of “The Call of Cthulhu” wherein the narrator tracks down […]

Return of the Revenge of the Son of t...

Return of the Revenge of the Son of the Sequel

December 3, 2010 Perhaps now more than ever, Hollywood is entranced with the idea of reusing old ideas and trying to make them hip and gritty. This is nothing new. They tried it years ago with Super Mario Brothers and to a spectacular failure. Sequels are old hat. Remakes are nothing new. Re-imaginings are a […]

Divine by Zero: Vegetarians are Soyle...

Divine by Zero: Vegetarians are Soylent Green and the Farmville War of 2011

October 22, 2010 It’s been one of those days. Months. Three months. Short version: this job is killing me for all the wrong reasons. I’ll elaborate more later, but suffice to say that my letter of resignation is in the mail and I’ll be going back to teaching and tutoring, something which, amazingly, is less […]

Don’t Say the “Z” W...

Don’t Say the “Z” Word

March 15, 2010 WARNING: The following article contains minor spoilers for the 1973 and 2010 versions of The Crazies as well as the 1968 version of Night of the Living Dead. Is there nothing that’s not made better by the inclusion of a zombie horde? Oh, I’m sorry. My bad. The antagonists in The Crazies […]

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