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Gingrich Can Kiss My Work Ethic

Exposure to Net Gingrich may cause child endangerment and loss of progressive ideals.

December 7, 2011 Newt Gingrich has the kind of idealism and drive we really need to take us into the 19th century, doesn’t he? In the last few days, he’s pretty much gone and said that the problem with America, the thing holding down the economy, is the lack of children working. Seriously. He’d like […]

What Does Fleming Buy With $200,000?

I've heard this story before.

September 22, 2011 Yesterday, I introduced you to John Fleming, a Congressman who laments that he only has $400,000 left over after expenses for his business and other payments. It’s also after, according to his interview, he spends $200,000 to feed his children. And just what, exactly does someone buy with a $200,000 annual grocery […]

The Biggest SFW Dick Ever

To shamelessly steal a line from the Daily Show, this is what happens when you won't let gays touch your hair.

September 20, 2011 How much do you live on? After you pay rent or mortgage, get gas for all the cars, and basically pay for your lifestyle, do you have more than a hundred dollars? Three hundred? Five hundred? I think most people would be happy if, after paying all their bills, getting all payments […]

Divine by Zero: Beck Angers Israel an...

Divine by Zero

August 23, 2011 Well, it looks like we’re back on schedule… more or less. Expect regular postings of Divine by Zero and weekly updates to The Weekly Muse. Don’t forget: this is YOUR chance to stump the writer. Give me the three strangest plot elements you can think of on the list and I’ll try […]

The United States of Randomology

There are rocky shores ahead for some very rich libertarians...

August 18, 2011 Ever get the feeling that life is just too stiming with all its rules, regulations, and silly things like social norms and boundaries? Hey, if you’re filthy rich and want to start over, why not pitch in and start your own country out at sea? That’s just what an intrepid group of […]

Divine by Zero: Ron Weasley and Batma...

Divine by Zero: Ron Weasley and Batman VS Moriarty

July 14, 2011 Wow. Thursday already? The week is going by at rocket-speed… except when I want it. Oh well. Let’s get some links up in! Here’s a shocking fact. Every Republican screaming that we’re poor and broke and is ignoring the fact that tax increases are the actual answer, please watch this video. The […]

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