Sterilizing Jews… In Context

It's a university. Of course it's liberal and hates Jews!

September 15, 2011

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Everyone is entitled to an informed opinion. No one is entitled to his or her own facts. If you’re going to make a claim, if you want to make a point about something, you better have more than just your hearsay and point of view.

Apparently, one Sarah Grunfeld, a senior at York University, lacks the kind of reasoning skills that allow most infants to not try to eat their own diapers.

Here’s what happened.

Professor Cameron Johnston, a 30-year veteran of the university’s faculty, was teaching a class where he sought to show that not everyone is entitled to an opinion. Some opinions, he said, are dangerous and unacceptable. To show his point, he used the example, “All Jews should be sterilized.” Being Jewish himself, Johnston used the phrase to show a point of view that was not grounded in anything but racism and hatred, a blatant example of the kind of “opinions” that are out there.

opinion by ~sscir on deviantART

Grunfeld, however, was apparently playing Angry Birds, or checking Facebook, or who knows what, because all she heard was “All Jews should be sterilized.”

After she sent her complaint to a Jewish advocacy group and the allegation of blatant anti-Semitism spread through the community and people called on Johnston to resign, the truth came out. She didn’t hear the whole thing and, worse, she was unaware the professor who said it was himself Jewish.

And once everyone knew the context of the statement, of course the whole thing blew over. After all, this had been hyped in the media and a professor with decades of experience being pressured to resign.

Well, no, it wasn’t over.

While the backlash against Johnston is gone, Grunfeld refuses to apologize. She’s not even sure that making that statement as an example is any more acceptable. To her, the fact that someone used this phrase, regardless of context, is a crime against the Jewish community.

Hebrew Poetry by ~Ingsoc85 on deviantART

I’d like to invite Miss Grunfeld to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. They have quite the collection of World War II films and propaganda. Some of it is quite horrifically racist for obvious reasons. Would Grunfeld say this museum needs to be shut down because, ignoring context, the museum is promoting hatred of Jews?

Context is everything. I talk about a lot stuff here. I’ve called Sarah Palin “retarded” in the context of her using her handicapped son to get pity. I’ve written racial slurs to discuss them and make a point. I had an entire article that called for rich white guys to be monitored like terrorists. It was satire, but I’m not sure Grunfeld knows how to pronounce it.

Grunfeld is either too stubborn to admit she made a mistake or she’s actually dumb enough to believe that a word, regardless of context, is insulting. If I was the dean, I would force her to apologize to Johnston in a very public forum. Barring that, I would make sure she retook every one of her college classes until she learned the basic logic skills possessed by rudimentary cabbage.

And now, here’s something that also has no brain, but it’s actually entertaining.

Divine by Zero: Rebecca Black and Mega Man Remake Godzilla

July 21, 2011

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I know, I know. I spoil you guys.

  • And speaking of things that are fun and bring us joy, every time a new harry Potter movie or book comes out, without fail, we get the psychos. Pat Robertson is already out in full force, but this gentleman takes the cake. Yeah, he’s a comedian, but the scary thing is that I’ve heard people who talk like him.
  • Rick Perry, possible GOP presidential candidate, started out as a Democrat. Hey, it IS Texas. He probably switched because they use liberals for target practice down here.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man is coming out next year, and we’ve already been treated to a blurry teaser filmed in a movie studio. That doesn’t mean we can’t look back on the old cartoon and guess at the kinds of things we can expect from a darker take on our favorite web-slinger.
  • Speaking of airheads, here’s Palin TRYING to look sexy. The result is akin to a mildly retarded beagle thinking it’s a ballerina.
  • And on the heels of the last article, Jon Stewart addresses Fox’s handling of the hacking scandal. See you Friday, folks, and keep voting!

They Foxed Up

He sees you when you're sleeping...

July 20, 2011

Journalism is hard.

Think about it. Have you ever had to tell a story to someone while remaining as objective as possible? Try telling ANY story without having your own bias influence it and you’ll see the challenge of trying to be a journalist.

That being said, it’s one of the reasons Fox News needs to drop “news” from its name.

As many of you have heard, Fox’s parent company, Newscorp, has a bit of a problem. They’ve been caught in various hacking scandals, everything from hacking a missing (later confirmed dead) girl’s phone to listen in to messages left behind by grieving relatives and friends, to hacking 9/11 families, celebrities, and everyone else under the sun. These hacks have become a federal case both here and in the UK. Needless to say, Rupert Murdoch’s days are numbered…

Except he still controls Fox News, and Fox is, by their own admission, fair and balanced, so they must be telling the truth, right?

The scandal has received little mention on the Little Network that Could, but one story in particular showed just how far the so-called “journalists” at Fox are willing to go to protect their parent company at the cost of journalism ethics. Check out the following clip and see if you can tell where they dropped the ball.

Give up?

They make a big point of the fact that there are other hacking cases out there, but we’re all focusing on Newscorp. The Pentago got hit too, they cry out! Why don’t we focus on THEM!? Why are we all gawking at poor Newscorp?!

Because, despite what the clip tried to insinuate, Newscorp is the one that did the hacking, not the one that got hacked. We’re watching the company because they are the accused party, not the victim. It’s like Herman Cain playing the victim because people call him out for his hatred of Islam. It’s like Bachmann supporters acting all butt-hurt because Michelle “Queen of Loony Land” keeps getting corrected for all her gaffes.

To Fox and everyone who supports them, you’re not the victims. You’re the ones who are accused. You’re like a robber than complains he had to get tackled by police after fleeing the scene of a crime. You’re like the high school hero who says he can’t be allowed to fail a class or he won’t be able to play on the team. You’re like the politician who pulls strings to hide an affair because he has too much power and too much to lose.

Rupert Murdoch says ‘sorry’ by *ssoosay on deviantART

A few have suggested, however, that it’s hypocritical to go after Newscorp like this. They cry out that the Left cheered Wikileaks when they hacked the government and obtained thousands of files with sensitive information.

Okay, but there’s one HUGE difference between the Wikileaks incident and what News of the World did.

The paper was fishing. They were blackmailing. They did not use the hacking to uncover information about crimes. This information was used for sensationalism and self-service. Wikileaks, whatever the legality of their actions, exposed crimes.

Where is the need to hack a dead girl’s phone to listen to the anguished cries of her parents, friends, and family? What does the paper gain from violating the privacy of 9/11 families? Hacking celebrities?

What Newscorp did was illegal and morallity reprehensable. If Fox was a real news organization, if it had any integrity, it would report on the scandal instead of trying to cover for the boss.

But then again, Fox ISN’T a news organization, is it?

And now, to wash away images of bad, bad Murdoch, here is a tutorial on how to speak good like Kristen Stewart.

Divine by Zero: Ron Weasley and Batman VS Moriarty

July 14, 2011

Wow. Thursday already? The week is going by at rocket-speed… except when I want it. Oh well. Let’s get some links up in!

  • Sarah Palin got a documentary called The Undefeated? Didn’t she lose the vice-presidency and quit her gubernatorial job mid-way through?
  • I had an interesting conversation regarding meat on Twitter. I’ll probably write more about it later, but suffice to say I’m a proud meat-eater and have no qualms about killing an animal for my food. With that in mind, there’s a reason a lot of vegetarians and vegans get a bad rep. It’s self-involved jerks like this that make the rest of you look bad.
  • And finally, here’s the trailer for the sequel to Sherlock Holmes. I hope they don’t overdo the bullet-time, but other than that, it looks fun. See you tomorrow!

Disney Hates Boobs

It's one theory... Read on to find out the others!

Warning: Some of the links in the article may be NSFW.

June 2, 2010

Disney fans hate boobs.

It’s one of a few explanations for the strange incident last week. Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams has nude pics out. Whether it was a hacker as she claimed or whether it was a publicity stunt isn’t really important. The important thing is that unlike other incidents where nude pictures for a female celebrity leaked, there hasn’t been a massive backlash against Hayley.

Why no condemnation of Hayley? Why no calls for parents to keep their kids from listening to the music this woman creates? I don’t want it to happen, but I was kind of expecting it. Paramore is often labeled as pop-punk and emo, two categories that have their largest audience in the teen demographic.

Thinking back to other scandals, I really was expecting this huge backlash. I want to make it clear that I don’t, under any circumstances, want people to ostracize her. I’d liken my reaction to seeing a missile headed for my house, then watching it turn to Styrofoam just as it hit. I was waiting for a boom.

There was no boom.

I’m not sad about it… just confused.

It seems Williams may have something the others didn’t. Let’s compare.

Disney vs. Boobies

Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame had a few images leaked out in 2007. For a while, it was hazy as to whether she would be in the third High School Musical movie, something you can probably imagine kept me up at night just like the ever-present threat of demonic sheep with machine guns invading my home. Eventually, Disney let her come back, but Hudgens has the distinction of having two NSFW pic scandals.

Seeing as how both she and Williams have similar demographics, why the different reactions? It’s probably because Hudgens works for Disney. The Empire of the Mouse has a long history of making pop-friendly, highly marketable groups, movies, and shows. They’re so wholesome and whimsical I could fart rainbows watching them. Nothing can offend in any way, shape, or form, and everything must be safe enough to show at a theme park with young children.

More on this later…

The Jonas Brothers
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Bibles and Panties

Of course, Disney starlets aren’t the only ones who have the problem of unauthorized internet nudity. Carrie Prejean, former Miss California and Miss USA contender, had her own dealing with this sort of thing last year. After standing by her belief that same-sex marriage should not be legal, photos surfaced that showed then-17-year-old Prejean posing topless while she covered her breasts.

Apparently, this was in breach of her contract for the Miss USA pageant since she claimed to have never posed nude or partially nude and she did not hold herself “in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards.” This is, of course, before she got a boob job and paraded in front of the country in a swimsuit. Somehow, the collective American consciousness had an aneurism at the thought of a woman using her looks to advance her career having posed for a lone photographer.

The difference between Prejean and Williams is that Prejean was not supposed to do this kind of thing, or at least she promised she wouldn’t. She worked the squeaky-clean Christian angle, something she later felt made her a target when the pictures came out. Williams, on the other hand, is a musician. People almost expect this sort of thing. It’s the cliché of the “rock star” image, I guess.

pageant brainwashed by ~cantanta on deviantART

So where does this leave us?

Williams has the same demographic as Hudgens. Paramore’s lead singer has never done this kind of thing, much like we thought of Miss California. Several days after the fiasco, though, no outrage.

Let me repeat myself: I don’t WANT outrage. I just want to understand.

It’s not that Paramore isn’t famous. Their songs on the Twilight soundtrack helped shoot them up the charts and helped expose the band to the world. Williams has more than 700,000 followers on Twitter, and you can bet most if not all saw the picture or have since looked for it on the great god Google.

Even so, I’m looking at blog and news entries for the last week and there is almost no mention of the incident. It wasn’t a secret. No one’s trying to hide it. You can find the uncensored pic if you look hard enough.

Hypocrite by ~LifeLookedEasyOnTV on deviantART

Based on reactions to other starlets that have had nude pictures leaked, the only thing I can come up with is that the mainstream still doesn’t care about her or doesn’t consider her a threat. They’re not on the lookout for this kind of thing. It’s only scandalous when someone who is well-known and perceived as “pure” has these sinful, sinful images put out for the interblag for all to see. Once you cross that line, or if you don’t really belong, the mainstream won’t really care what you do. Williams’ fans are even backing her up and she even laughed about the incident.

Or maybe most media outlets didn’t pay attention because she’s not as… uhm, “healthy” as other scandalized personalities. And I promise I’m not going for the cheap shot here, but her real-estate, in the Monty Python sense of the term, is not as abundant as Prejean’s or Hudgens’.

Personally, I don’t think any of these women should have gotten flak for something someone else did. Someone else posted these pics (we think), and if that’s the case, these women have nothing to be ashamed of. All of them are good-looking and if we’re passing judgement on them for looking like women and, I don’t know, having breasts, we really need to check our priorities. Right now, I’m sticking with the explanation that Williams is still outside the mainstream, despite Paramore having gotten huge in the last few years, so she’s being ignored because the populations’ wrath is better reserved for other, more worthy targets considered “acceptable entertainment.”

Of course, it’s just a hypothesis.

It’s kind of refreshing, though. So, if I stay out on the fringes of the internet, I can say and do whatever I want? Cool! Okay, tomorrow, I unveil my master plan for a sociocommunazi takeover of the federal government using guerilla tactics and home-made napalm made from gasoline and Splenda, and then we take over Washington DC with a militia of Randomologists!

How many alerts at the FBI Cyber Investigations unit do you think I tripped just now?

If you want to discuss this topic in greater length, visit this article’s page on the forum.

Two Republicans and the Pope Walk Into a Bar

Next week, I'll pull a rabbit out.

April 9, 2010

Welcome to Randomology, where tact and class will go the way of Michael Jackson if I need to make a point. There are three things you’re not supposed to talk about if you want people to keep civil. Avoid topics involving sex, religion, and politics.

Fortunately, I’ve never been one to avoid controversy or bluntness if it makes a point. In sports, if you score three times in a single game, it’s called a hat trick. Let’s see if I can pull this off.

Speed painting: Naval Battle by ~Mikajima on deviantART

Load the cannons. Fire 1!

In recent months, the Tea Party has turned from bad to worse. What may have been touted as a grassroots movement to give America its voice back has become something short of a mob. I mean torches and pitchforks. I mean the kinds of folk who wouldn’t mind a good ol’ lynchin’ like grandpapi used to have.

Tea Baggers (yes, I will continue to call them that since they started it) spit on Congressman John Lewis. He was one of the leaders of the Civil Rights movement. Despite what Texas school books will tell you, it was he and others on the front lines of this culture conflict that helped give millions of Americans their rights. He is a living witness to one of the most tumultuous times in American history, but a time that has made racism and ideas of segregation deplorable to any sane American.

Apparently, the man’s work is now to represent a Nazi socialist in the White House. And protestors spit on him. When the media broke this story and others showing that many of the most outspoken Tea Baggers were racist and intolerant, many others came to their defense.

How dare the news call these people racist? They’re average Americans and, according to O’Reilly, not all of them are Republican. A small minority is Democrat and a large section is Independent. Well shoot. I guess they’re not racist then.

Uhm, no. No. A thousand times no.

No one said they were Republicans. They said “racist.” They are not synonymous, but I find it very interesting that Billy here went straight for that as a defense, almost like “Republican” meant “not racist.” It doesn’t.

What the Tea Baggers did has been reported on various newspapers and was witnessed by several people. Tea Baggers been holding up signs like this for months and now, but when we call them racist WE’RE the bad guys? If I see a guy on the street cooking heroin and shooting up, I can call him junkie. It’s not an insult. It’s a fact. If someone tries to argue that Jews are a lesser race and he sports a swastika armband and Hitler poster, I am well within my rights to call him a Nazi and Godwin’s Law remains secure.

This is part of a bigger trend, so let’s continue.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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Damn the torpedoes! Fire 2!

The Vatican is in the news again because new evidence has shown that, before ascending to the much coveted position of God’s Go-To Man, Pope Benedict XVI failed to report the actions of a priest, Lawrence C. Murphy, who molested more than two hundred deaf students over a twenty-four year period. Most people would cry out in shock at such a thing. After all, it’s one thing to go hunting for victims. It’s something else entirely when your victims are given to you by parents and caretakers with the understanding that you will care for these youngsters.

In this case, with all seriousness, they SHOULD have thought of the children instead of working to cover up the abuse.

And how dare the media point this out?

Bunch of heathen chicken-sacrificing pagans is what they are! Do they have to keep talking about it?

Yes. Yes they do. A lot of Catholics won’t like it, but the Pope messed up. He’s God’s emissary on Earth, but he has his faults and he is still human. The day he walks on water and makes a tree, I will hold back and maybe assume he knows something I don’t. Until that day, he is still a human being and he made a mistake.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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Target of opportunity off the starboard bow! Fire 3!

The Republican National Convention is in the news again because its Grand Poobah, Michael Steele, apparently signed off on almost $2,000 for a bondage-themed club where the topless dancers engaged in faux-lesbian sex. This is on top of the thousands also spent on luxury hotels, private jets, and limos.

And who, you may ask, was in this lesbian-themed bondage club?

The RNC isn’t saying as of this writing. However, Steele already has good news. He saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geiko.

Oh, and not a lot of people, at least Republicans, have heard about it.

If that’s the best you can come up with, if that’s the silver lining on the story, you’re in trouble. If I was stuck in the middle of the desert and six hours from dehydration, I wouldn’t be happy that I was dying with a nice haircut. Basically, it’s not that this money was wasted on extravagant services that served no purpose to campaign, but that the people didn’t know the RNC went Mister Blonde on the group’s bank account.

Also, I would like to thank the RNC for now allowing me to tag a post with the words “lesbian,” “bondage,” and “sex.” I’m sure it’ll do wonders for the page hit counter.

The Man of Steele by ~joshthecartoonguy on deviantART

Let’s be honest. We all know that power corrupts. There is now a study that shows why. Basically, once you’re in a legitimate position of authority, you are much more critical of the ways others behave. However, your own obedience to the standards you enforce drops. I encourage you to read the report in the last hyperlink.

What do these three stories show us? Power corrupts. It’s cliché, I know, but it goes to show that if we don’t call people out on stuff like this, if people in positions of authority are not held to the same if not higher standard as the rest of us, they will abuse said power.

One of my favorite Jefferson quotes (although it’s disuputed if he actually said it) is “The Price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

A lot of people think that it means governments and people in power must watch their subjects like Machiavellian hawks. A popular uprising does terrible things to a throne. I think, though, that it means that the people at the bottom, the ones who gave the power in the first place, must watch the people at the top and make sure they remain true to the things they’re supposed to enforce and hold true. The worst part of all three cases is that I don’t think there will be any consequences for those involved.

It isn’t insurrection and it’s not an insult to point out a flaw, a mistake, especially if said mistake is a crime or at the very least insulting. If your biggest complaint is that you got caught and that it’s bad because people know about, I’ve got a cat in a box I’d like you to save.

And that, ladies and gentlemen and freaks of the internet, is a hat trick. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pass out for the next two days from exhaustion.

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