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Comrade Picard: Star Trek’s Unf...

December 2, 2011 This is an edited version of something i wrote for a class back in college. It got me an A, too. As you can see, while I enjoy Star Trek in all its forms, I still have serious reservations about one little aspect of its mythology… In the Star Trek Universe, there […]

Crimes of Conscience

April 27, 2011 It was bound to happen. The Right Wing has officially jumped into Orwellian territory. Remember that plot point in 1984 wherein the Party would use phrases like “Freedom is Slavery” and “War is Peace”? The idea was that having the population believe two mutually exclusive ideas would create such a dissonance that […]

High-Class Racism

March 9, 2011 Ann Coulter may laugh when someone brings up racism since she believes racism no longer exists. It’s possible to say that we’ve cleared away a lot of the old racism, but racism is still here. Yes, we elected a black president, but that gets rid of racism much like going to college […]

The Confession of EntropyEcho

Editor’s Note: This will be the third time Time Warner drops my internet after I PAID them. I’ll insert links and images later when I don’t have to upload this at the university, but for now, enjoy a block of text. November 12, 2010 It’s important to know who you’re dealing with, so it’s time […]

The Church of Beck

August 30, 2010 It happened. Glenn Beck has a legion of black-clad priests to do his bidding and spread his message. The Cult of Beck is here. Seriously. The only thing missing from this Saturday’s Beckapolooza, aka Restoring Honor, was kool-aid for all and a promise that the spaceship would soon arrive to take everyone […]

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

April 16, 2010 Glenn… Can I call you Glenn? “Mister Beck” seems so formal. My name is Michel Martin del Campo, and I am one of those immigrants who you’ll love. I love this country. I came here legally. I received most of my education here. I am a writer and an educator. Now that […]

Beck vs. Jesus: Round 1

March 10, 2010 Glenn Beck is a loon of the highest caliber, an egomaniacal, paranoid man-child whose very existence makes me ashamed to belong to the same species as this vacuous clown. Okay, that was a bad argument. No evidence. No facts. Nothing. Let me start over. Over the last few years, Glenn Beck has […]

The Zen of Beck

February 24, 2010 Education is one of the pillars in my life, both personally and professionally. When the Texas educational system failed me, I looked on my own. I was lucky enough to find teachers and mentors willing to share their knowledge and experience with me. They helped me grow. Eventually, I went to college […]

Socialist Vocabulary

February 3, 2010 There are three things you’re not supposed to talk about if you want pleasant conversation: sex, politics, and religion. Let’s talk about politics since we’ve already discussed sex in another article. Religion will make an appearance later, I promise. I’m slowly trying to work this site into a wretched hive of scum […]

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