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Alan Moore on Art

Alan Moore

Teachers, Guns, and the Big Lie

This picture looks like proof of armed teachers preventing school shootings. In truth, it shows how STRICT gun regulation makes for a safer country.

If we’re going to have gun debate, and if we’re going to be adults, we need to get a few facts straight. Like I’ve said before, we’re entitled to our own opinions, but we’re not entitled to our own facts. If we do this and remember to respect each other, we should be fine. With that […]

Chick-Fil-A: An Exercise in Hypocrisy...

Based on the events of this last month, chicken sandwiches beat civil rights. Yes, I'm serious.

August 7, 2012 In a way, I’m sad that the culture war over gay rights has come to a head over a crappy chicken sandwich. On the other hand, I’m glad it finally opened the floodgates and we can tell who is for gay rights, who is pretending to be trendy, and who really has […]

Research, Truth, and the Recipe for P...

Looking at information does not give you knowledge. It makes you CRAZY!

June 11, 2012 The wave of cannibalism might just be that… a wave. Waves go away. I’m here to let everyone know… we need to calm the frak down with this zombie apocalypse thing. In fact, the whole, “zombies are rising up” thing is blown way out of proportion. Cannibalism is not as rare as […]

Tennessee Will Make Your Children Dum...

Proud patriots! All of them. And none owned slaves*

January 23, 2012 I am not part of American history. My ancestors fought and toiled and help build this country into the superpower it is today. Two hundred years ago, slaves built this country on orders of men who claimed everyone was equal. The vast expanse of our nation was cleared of the indigenous populations […]

Steve Jobs and the Legacy of Marketin...

Don't get teary-eyed until you read this... Then you'll hate me.

October 6, 2011 Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. A lot of my friends have already expressed their gratitude for Apple products, and while I know that Jobs did indeed change the market and helped usher the computer revolution, I’m still a PC man. This is not a slam on Jobs, people. I’ve used Apple products […]

Bachmann and the Retard Shot

It might be voting for the GOP, but that's just me.

September 19, 2011 I’m officially designating Michelle Bachmann Target Alpha and Perry Target Bravo. Perry has said and done some truly horrific things, but it’s the nature of Bachmann’s insane rants that wins her this week’s coveted Head Up Your Own Ass for the Warmth Award. And who doesn’t want to win the coveted HUYOAW […]

Divine by Zero: Vampire Helen Mirren ...

Divine by Zero

September 1, 2011 It’s not that I’m ungrateful for getting a teaching job this semester. I just wish I got more than 20 hours with which to prepare. Still, I’ve done a class like this before, so it should be pretty easy. And now, to catch up with the week’s stories and everything else I […]

Earth First! Nuke Mars!

It's true. If we don't put Earth first, the Martians win.

August 30, 2011 People still believe the sun revolves around the Earth. And no, these aren’t some loony fringe group in some backwaters compound. This is an actual splinter group of the Catholic Church. They held a conference at the University Of Notre Dame. And if this story is to be believed, it is growing […]

The Declaration of Independence (Beck...

I would have written something funnier if I weren't so exhausted.

August 26, 2011 Beck finally held his much-lauded rally in Jerusalem. He had a few hundred people there, judging by the photos. He went into full televangelist mode. He said he’d be bringing his message to other continents and that anyone who chose to follow him in his quest might be killed by the liberal […]

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