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Man on a Mission (To Self-Destruct)

I'm going to listen to the Dresden Dolls until the pain goes away...

November 6, 2012 Politics, religion, and sex are the three most taboo topics in the world. That might explain some of the weird searches people use to get to this site… I’d be lying if I said I felt really terrible for not posting as much the last two months, but the truth is that […]

The Muffin Plan

Wisdom... of the gods!

June 26, 2012 Mary and I have coined a new term: the “muffin plan.” Follow me on this. Perhaps you and your friends want to accomplish some sort of short-term goal. This can range from getting cash for a night out to finding your way across town. Maybe you lack the resources to make this […]

Mass Effect 3.5: The Crowd Buster

Shown here? The WORST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO VIDEO GAMES! At least, according to players.

March 16, 2012 I don’t really play video games. The last video game console I owned was a Super Nintendo. That doesn’t mean I don’t play Wii or Xbox games when possible, and don’t think I won’t snipe you from across the map if I get the chance. It’s just not something I invest a […]

The Most Beautiful Woman?

She's perfect, and I get to marry her. Envy me.

January 11, 2012 Ladies, please stay. Guys, you can leave. Actually, guys, stay for this one. This is our fault. All of us. Yes, even the ones who are single right now. Actually, especially the ones who are single right now. The Daily Mail recently put out a picture it claims is a composite of […]

Queen Gaga?

What? Wait. No! Well, maybe. WHAT? NO! Well...

October 10, 2011 She’s a pop culture darling. They’re legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Together, they fight crime. I mean… together, they might make a new legendary sound. It seems Brian May has been courting Lady Gaga to become Queen’s new frontwoman. The band never dissolved. It just stopped playing after Freddy Mercury […]

Divine by Zero: Leia’s Sexy Aga...

Divine by Zero

August 25, 2011 As I read through my Star Wars books and look for inspiration for this RPG we’re playing on Saturday, I can’t help but notice that the world continues to turn. Behold, the joys of internet surfing, wasting time, and everything you need to know! You want something truly American? Joe the Plumber […]

Divine by Zero: The Knights of Beiber...

Divine by Zero: The Knights of Beiber and the Chainmail Bikini

June 30, 2011 Holy crap! A new Divine by Zero? Really? Yeah. See, time’s going to get really tight in the next few weeks, and I have to be a lot more conscious of the time I have to write. I’m going to start teaching a middle school writing course over the next few weeks, […]

Cook… Like a Writer!

Cook… Like a Writer!

June 8, 2011 Cooking is an art. It’s like writing in many ways. You can add a dozen spices and spend hours working on something like Indian food, a dish that has more plants in it than a greenhouse, and get something that mixes flavors in unique ways to create new sensations. On the other […]

5 Movies You Need to See

5 Movies You Need to See

March 30, 2011 Let’s lighten things up a bit. Every year, hundreds of movies get released. Some go straight to video. Others go the big screen, and a lucky few get the star treatment and are put out with a massive advertising campaign that will ensure everyone and their grandmother goes to see it. This […]

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